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Don't ask about the name. It is a silly story.


Applejack and Rainbow Dash engage in one final, ultimate battle, to prove once and for all who wears the pants in this relationship.

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Even as someone who doesn't ship AppleDash, the reactions to the fight were great... but I feel like it would have been much better had Dash somehow won in the end.

Second Best Princess from Equestrian Geographic ten years running,

Was there a consistent first place, or did it jostle around?

In any case, hilarious stuff throughout. You topple a couple threats to the nation, you're going to rack up XP. And every pony is magical to one degree or another. Thank you for a lovely bit of Appledashery.

At this rate, fifty bits says Equestria will only survive Appledash for another ten years

Silly turned to eleven. That would be something AJ and Dash would fight over.

Bigd2k #5 · 1 week ago · · ·

Why would you get hate for this?

This was awesome :rainbowlaugh::ajsmug:

Read the last sentence again... :pinkiecrazy:

Hillbe #7 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

:duck: Now that Spikey has wings , He'll be a perfect model . . .
:twilightsheepish: you can make two
:moustache: Naw, We're already hitched the dragon way
:twilightoops: ???
:raritywink: His hatch day when he kidnapped oui and we spent the afternoon plummeting to our doom
:facehoof: What is it with my friends about marriage and the destruction of major population centers. . .
:flutterrage: DISCORD! PUT MANEHATTEN BACK! :yay:you already know how I feel!
:twilightangry2: What do I have to do to..............:moustache: Solar flare??? :raritywink: Lunar collision ? :trollestia: Mild sun burn?

Yeah, I can imagine the Apples doing something like this.:rainbowlaugh:

I really want to see a traditional Pie family engagement now...beating each other with rocks? I can only imagine Pinkie and Cheese doing something like that. Or, God forbid, MAUD! She would kill whoever she tried to "court" with rocks.

Can we get a Fluttercord engagement story, now? Maybe Discord has an equally weird and disturbing way of deciding on wedding things.

Accepting hate ?!

Nahh, this was beautiful :ajsmug:

Sigh, they both could have just worn suits. Loved it, nobody bests the Applepone.

Appledash is best ship, ten years running.

Intentional feghoot?


Intentional feghoot?

What's that?

A full and detailed story leading up to one pun.

Question before reading: How does this relate to the s9 finale, or is that ignored?

If you didn’t like some of the shipping implications of the finale, then you may not like it.

I have no problems with the ships. I just want to know which "timeline" this takes place in:

The pre-finale interpretation of Equestria we all had for 9 years, or a post-finale interpretation where Twilight left Ponyville.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask that question a lot from now on whenever I see particular ships. :facehoof:

Pre-Finale. Or, somewhere in between episode 25 and 26.

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