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space is a waste


There's a crisis in Ponyville. Some mysterious magic is turning everything into fashion nightmares. But never mind that.

Rainbow Dash is stuck in a dress, and she desperately needs a place to crash and wait out the spell. Where else than on Applejack's couch?

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DO you just see AppleDash in everything? Like, if you took a Rorschach test, would it be nothing but blue flanks and blonde hair to you?

EDIT: Read it. And... eh, fuck me sideways, but I kinda liked it. Short, cute, and written with your trademark speed and tone. Still... AppleDash.

Oh SS&E, y u so silly? :heart:

No offense Skirts, you are a fine writer, but why am I getting notification of a new story from you when I don't follow you?:rainbowhuh:

This is like...the third time!

His right eye is Applejack and his left eye is Rainbow Dash. That is the only explanation.

I fucking knew it! I knew someone was going to write a story about this episode.:moustache:

Nice, short, and beautifully done.

Loved it, man.

Loved it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Catbow Dash


And there is nothing wrong with that!


Apparently it's a "bug" with the site that only happens to really popular authors with a lot of influence.

Wink, wink.

u not wot im sayin m10

4296515 You... don't?
Jeez, man. Go get a check up, that's not normal.

4296515 Be really weird if she meet Rorschach from Watchmen and say him with AppleDash as a face.

Oh Skirts, never change.


Boy... them's fightin' words. :ajbemused:

Sparity episode
First shipfic about the episode is AppleDash... wut


AppleDash is life, learn it, know it. :ajsmug::rainbowwild:


Call in the dorbstrike... Burn it to the ground.

4296850 Not Soarin'Mac
You disgust me...
Good day, sir.

4296875 Insinuating that Soarin would go gay for anyone other than Braeburn.
You disgust me, good sir...

4296527 Called it.
All we need now is a close up pic of Belle's face with the respective ponies inside of her eyes.

Once you put on your shipping goggles, you see shipping in everything!

God, that was cute. Short, sweet, and just... really, really cute. And you say you can't write short.

"Stuff me in your closet!"

I think someone's already in Applejack's closet, Rainbow.

That Applejack dialog is the best.

"Turned around three times"... what is with you and cat/pony references, Skirts?

I AM DISAPPOINT! :applecry:

NO EXPLOSION! :pinkiesad2:


But other than that, awesome story! :moustache:


Rarijack only, please. Works the same as Dashmac, total opposites make for a fun read in shipping.

Still, this was fuskin' adorbs.

Jeebus, if I keep reading your AppleDash stuff, it might overtake RariJack as my OTP. I want to hit you, and at the same time I want to hug you.

4296920 Loved the last pic.

“Y'all don't say?”

HA! Cute jab, skirts.

4296850 The straightness! It burns!

Wonderful short story to fill in some of the gaps in the background. Shame that you get down voted presumably because of the ship :-(

[shipping intensifies]

I'm not a big AppleDash fan. But Shorty, you have managed to make me like it just a bit. You win due to the complete adorableness of this story.:rainbowkiss:

What with all of the hostilities on what's the better ships, I'm almost afraid to say that I'm shipless. Too bad I don't have backspace key.

Well that was just hideously adorable. :rainbowkiss:

Half a minute later, she returned, carrying a tray with a pitcher of water and a half-empty glass.

I dunno... I'd say it's half full! :pinkiehappy:

Not a huge fan of AppleDash, but you sir know how to write this type of fic! Can we expect a RariJack fic soon? :raritystarry::ajsmug:

Yup, still adorable.:rainbowlaugh:

I cam here hoping for MacDash seeing you promote my arts *special feeling right here*

I also did a shipping pic with Rainbow wearing said dress


It's you, Captain Unstoppable, and myself against all these horsbians. We shall overcome...

4311202 WE SHALL!
Summon the arm


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