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And then they kissed. And Trixie’s heart shattered into a thousand pieces.

Trixie is on the verge of saying something to Starlight. Finally. But then she sees Sunburst and Starlight together, and her world begins to crumble.

Written for the Quills and Sofa 'drama' contest.

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Xp45 #1 · May 12th, 2022 · · ·

The descriptions, the figurative language in this story are beautiful, and their strength and commonality throughout the narration really enhances the dramatic feel. Very very solid story!

Oh my God. That did hurt me.

What an amazing story.

I love it! So bittersweet...I have no words!

Trixie just can't win, can she?

Oh, my heart... such a sad twist on what otherwise would of been a cute shipfic. Hopefully Trixie can talk to Starlight and at least get some closure.

Wow, Trixie seems a bit overly dramatic, even for Trixie. Oh well, it is sad for her, but it is all too often true in real life. Poor kid, she will get over it in time, it's just going to really hurt for a while. :trixieshiftleft:

this needs a sequel
one wherein Trixie spills her guts, cuz that conflict needs resolved(also i'm interested in witnessing the fallout)
also is it fucked up that i was smiling the whole time i read this?

Well this story is a little to close for comfort I must admit.

But I would not be remiss to a squeal.

That was damn good

Wow, well done! I love it! That hurt me almost as much as checking the fic's page and seeing the 'complete' tag. Poor Trixie needs some closure, and I need more of this dynamic between these three. The way you present it here, it's downright addictive.

Well I always new Starlight wanted to be with Sunburst. She nearly destroyed time for him. Honestly the whole cult thing and attack on Twilight all stemmed from him leaving for boarding school.

Sad for Trixie though

Well Trixie, clearly the only thing to do is travel back in time and make sure she never meets Sunburst. I'm sure that'd work out fine.

Pretty good.

Poor woman :(

I'm not one to sequel-beg because I know too well how difficult writing can be

...But damn it I so badly want to see the fallout from this :raritydespair:

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