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The sky goes dark, a cleansing fire. My time is short, I'll soon expire!


Berry Punch has taken to the hobby of pulling out the old lawn chair and watching Ponyville explode. It seemed a little too common at this point to be honest. How many times could a town explode before it got old?

Everything was going the way it usually did. Her on a lawn chair, bottle of wine in hoof, and a catastrophic event playing out in front of her that would no doubt be written in the history books. A usual afternoon in Ponyville.

Then a certain dragonequus shows up, drained of his magic, down on his luck, and in need of some mortal wisdom.

The fate of Equestria rests in her hooves, and Berry Punch doesn't even know it.

-Inspired by that one lawn chair meme.

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You know, you could've just as easily jumped from this point to the finale, where Discord, reeling from creating the ultimate disaster, would recall Berry's words and that would motivate him to get the ball going on stopping the villainous trio he brought together.

That is a great idea. I didn't think of that.

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