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In time... you will know what in Equestria I am working on. Please stand by.


Everything was going well in Carrot Top's carrot patch. The carrots were growing in good health, and she tended to them earnestly. She was retired from her old painful life, and things were finally looking up for her. Then, without any reason in particular, everything started to go wrong.

Chaos erupts across the land. On her small farm at the outskirts of town, Carrot Top finds that her carrots are sick of being farmed. Granted life, they are out for her blood with a vengeance.

Little do those devils know, she used to do a whole lot more than farm carrots....

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An interesting idea you got there.

At least, noi was not with her. Was kinda the first thing that popped in when i saw the Story

Awesome story...the imagery, the insight to the tortured mind of a warrior, her determination to survive...I could see being in the room with her, hearing the screams of her enemies. I actually got a chill up my spine at this part:

"Agent Golden Harvest... ready to serve." The words felt like nails in her coffin. But they were true, and wasn't truth what mattered?

...for as a veteran myself I FELT those words.

Well done!

So the Changelings set her comrades up to drown? I am a bit unclear on what exactly was their tactical situation. Did she save.them,.escape while they yet lived, or were.they drowned or otherwise.dead.by the time she killed the last Changeling?

Also, I note the similarity between carrots with just a bit of the root clearing the ground, and her comrades with only their heads above ground.

How did she end up in the military with that mark? It always seems odd to me (in a way that is worthy of exploring the world-building of) that any Pony would join the military without a mark fairly directly related an that at least some aspect of it. A member of the Rich family using a talent for logistics and/or command? Sure. A Fire-mage switching between glass-working (as a civilian), armor-repair, and/or burninating villains? Makes sense. A carrot farmer becoming a swordspony in time of peace? That is a thing I want to hear the STORY behind because it doesn't seem to me to fit neatly into how we know Ponies FUNCTION.

It is up to interpretation on how she became an agent. There are other ponies in the show who became agents with cutie marks that wouldn't suggest they are agents. Bon Bon for example. I also would like to know the story behind that lol. (unless it exists, and I missed it). As for the situation they were in, Carrot Top and unnamed agents were captured by changelings while out on a mission. They were buried up to their heads and drained of emotion as a food source. The water was just from the swamp. Carrot Top dug herself out of the swamp, and ran before the changelings showed back up, leaving her comrades. She defended herself on the way out but left them behind in order to survive.

Thank you for the kind words!

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