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In time... you will know what in Equestria I am working on. Please stand by.


Celestia has a secret. There is a voice in her head. It plays a game she doesn't really understand but fears all the same. It wants her, and with everypony that knows of its existence its power grows. She has kept it away for as long as she can remember.

Luna is set to return, and with it, a friend of the voice. Can Celestia endure the voice's games and strengthen her relationship with Luna, or will she lose everything to it?

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Can't wait to see what will happen next!

The description remind me of the Sentry(Marvel). Is he the inspiration?

I didn't really have a particular character inspiration. I just came up with the idea randomly. Thanks for commenting!

Keep it coming. :)

Luna is set to return, and with it, a friend of the voice.

> "Nightmare Moon" tag

Should probably add the "Daybreaker" tag.

Yikes, Tia going the long mile

"I didn't do anything to her, darling. She was hurting and I offered her a little friend to help her out. In fact, you should be thanking me for making sure she had company on the moon for all these years. Poor little Luna, banished to the moon by her big sister. If only her big sister was smart enough to know a gift when she sees one."

So void is the Creator of nightmare moon e probably daybreak, void is like discord a creature out of reality

so daybreaker would also be a separate entity,

Damn, I imagined the whole scene, and I got goosebumps.
Furthermore, it seems that the void has much more to come, but we have no way of knowing anything.

If at some point void sends her, then yes or she could just be Celestia's imagination, since her sister was like that because she couldn't, so she imagines herself as a daybraker

how many mysteries, so void is the alicorn of the earth maybe

At what intensity did the nurturing warmth of the sun begin to burn?

40°F as well as a sunny day with a temperature of 80°F. Not really that hot. It needs to be

This makes me question how strong Gaiya is, he has the darkness, which makes him even stronger, and from the dialogue he seems well controlled, I think thousands of years "alone" helped him a little.

Darkness is coming, hohoho I'm hoping for an epic scene, I don't know how she intends to beat him, it took 3 alicorns just to stop the darkness and all that darkness is in the hooves of a single alicorn, gaiya is too powerful

Oh, Celes... I hoped it wouldn't come to this...

*a sword appears in his hand*

But I made you a promise back then. Soooooo long ago...

And I intend to keep it.

Hype hype hype, the time is near

this was perfect, the construction was excellent, she needs to make a choice she never thought about making, ask for help, and that sound of vido, gaiya is getting closer. And speaking of him, I expect an epic scene, after all he should be at the discord level if not higher, after all he has all the darkness in the world.

Wow. I did not see that coming. Great chapter.

aaaaaaaaa my god, that's the end and the consequences of her actions, she wants to arrest Gaiya, but he was never evil, he has darkness corrupting him and was betrayed by daybraker, her acting like a victim really irritates me, I really hope that the battle and many truths are thrown on the table, a very important lesson needs to be learned

Aaaaaaa more more more, why stop whyyyyyyyyyyy

The general feeling this far in is that void will legitimately help her, because it knows she'll destroy herself on her own through paranoia anyway.

Oh yeah, that was epic, thanks for this. :)

it was a very good story to read, gaiya still has to heal, and many lessons and ramifications in time are about to happen, this story reminded me of "Machinations in the Dark" an incredible story but it stopped being released a long time ago, well coming back , that was amazing keep up the good work.

Celestia looked down at the spell book. Sure enough, there was no way for the circle to restore its power. It was something that Celestia should have known herself. She was a master of the magic after all. Why did she leave that in there and why did she refuse to acknowledge it no matter how hard she thought?

This is my opinion but I don't think hooking the magic evil amulet to the world's magic is a good idea definitely when the person you're hooking it into is called Gaia.

"Are they?" Sandy asked.

I think the chapter would have been better if Sandy didn't talk after this, just leave it to the reader if it really happened or it was just her imagination.

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