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In time... you will know what in Equestria I am working on. Please stand by.


Everything was going well in Carrot Top's carrot patch. The carrots were growing in good health, and she tended to them earnestly. She was retired from her old painful life, and things were finally looking up for her. Then, without any reason in particular, everything started to go wrong.

Chaos erupts across the land. On her small farm at the outskirts of town, Carrot Top finds that her carrots are sick of being farmed. Granted life, they are out for her blood with a vengeance.

Little do those devils know, she used to do a whole lot more than farm carrots....

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Berry Punch has taken to the hobby of pulling out the old lawn chair and watching Ponyville explode. It seemed a little too common at this point to be honest. How many times could a town explode before it got old?

Everything was going the way it usually did. Her on a lawn chair, bottle of wine in hoof, and a catastrophic event playing out in front of her that would no doubt be written in the history books. A usual afternoon in Ponyville.

Then a certain dragonequus shows up, drained of his magic, down on his luck, and in need of some mortal wisdom.

The fate of Equestria rests in her hooves, and Berry Punch doesn't even know it.

-Inspired by that one lawn chair meme.

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Marble Pie was born with a spark of ingenuity that couldn't be found anyplace else. She used this gift to create a machine. A machine that walks on two legs, a mech. It is an impressive creation of steel and magic, and it would never see the light of day.

As if she would let those 'outsiders' steal one of her creations again. All that the ponies outside of her family did was judge and steal. It was best not to talk to them. Especially when she couldn't even meet their eyes with the pop rocks bubbling in her stomach. Unfortunately, three new arrivals might change that.

One is a pony, arriving fresh to the isolated town of Rockville with a penchant for fairy tales. The other, a wave of mechanical terrors with unknown intentions but terrible intent. And the last, a pile of ancient dragon bones speaking to her in binary and text. He offers power beyond her own, and a way to help combat this threat. However, his past remains a mystery, and his methods are... unorthodox. When an ancient evil is swarming the countryside, there is one fact that remains startingly true.

It's nice to have a little more firepower.

Credit for vector goes to TimeLordOmega on DeviantArt!

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Pinkie Pie has seen Twilight frown and wander the edges of town, looking into the horizon. She knows what troubles her immortal friend. Her life is short after all, at least compared to that of an alicorn. It stings her heart to see a friend so sad.

So, she prepares a gift for Twilight. It might not be much, but a single memory might weather the road ahead.

This is that memory.

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Celestia has a secret. There is a voice in her head. It plays a game she doesn't really understand but fears all the same. It wants her, and with everypony that knows of its existence its power grows. She has kept it away for as long as she can remember.

Luna is set to return, and with it, a friend of the voice. Can Celestia endure the voice's games and strengthen her relationship with Luna, or will she lose everything to it?

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