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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


Starswirl the Bearded developed a time-travel spell. A pony could use it - but only once, and only be in the past for about a minute.

One chance. One minute. That's all Princess Celestia has to save her sister from the Nightmare.

A special thanks to daOtterGuy for answering when I said "Name me four stars in the Equestrian sky" and unwittingly helping me with this.

Featured 7/27/2023 - 7/30/2023!

Featured on Equestria Daily on 5/27/2024 as part of 24 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Celestia Day!

Now with a Russian translation by PlaguedGuard.

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Pretty interesting.

That was beautifully written and perfectly explains the origin of the prophecy
poor Celestia would have to wait another 997 years to reap the fruits of her efforts, but her knowing that she did something to bring her back eventually must have kept her going all those centuries
Very very well done

Or she could have gone back one year before NMM and told her past self that Luna was on a downward spiral. :facehoof:

But The Future Refused To Change

Nightmare Moon's battle cry isn't a fraction as terrifying as Lavos'.

11650779 I assume that she decided that her past self wouldn't listen to her. After all, from all the evidence pre-NMM Celestia had practically turned ignoring her sister's problems into an artform.

I wonder if Luna will have remembered something like this upon her return...

Ahh but that would create a circular paradox if present Celestia succeeded. If Luna never gets banished then past Celestia doesn't travel back in time to prevent it from happening, but that means Luna does get banished so Celestia does travel back to prevent it. And things keep cycling, each instance of not time traveling creates the need to time travel, but time traveling makes time travel unnecessary and time can't advance because it keeps looping. One event not happening prevents both.
However Future Celestia failing to prevent Luna's banishment means past Celestia will time travel when she reaches the point Future Celestia came from. One event causes both to happen.

Or it could create another timeline which would be good for the other Celestia but would lead to this Celestia to become Daybreaker

that was beautifully written and brought forth so many emotions. I loved it.

That Lauren Faust tweet was one of her more memorable tweets, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that idea used so well!

This was stellar. I love the detail of the elements's magic being stupidly complex and alien

Also I love Celestia and Luna, but that one's free lol

Good story, good story. I liked that she petitioned the stars for aid, and that they were their own entities that had allegiance to Luna.

This was beautifully done. The back-and-forth between past, present, and future really brings the mythos to life and is woven into the story so seamlessly that it makes it a joy to read. Also there are pew pew lasers, and I like that.

Exquisite work capturing Celestia’s sheer desperation throughout this gambit. Thank you for a gripping read.

Wow, that's really good. New headcanon.

I finally got around to reading this after (geez, two months?) and I have to say that this is really, incredibly good. I love how you characterized Celestia here.

Also thought this was a nice little lore detail, heh:

(She would order it burned; it would be rescued by zealots and the traces of alicorn blood would be used to forge to a number of artifacts and talismans. They would trouble Equestria for centuries.)

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