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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


As part of Princess Luna's retirement, she needs to hand off her duties in the dream realm to another pony.

She has chosen Rarity to succeed her - but for a reason that Rarity is less than happy about.

Rarity has tried to forget the Nightmare, after all.

Reviewed in Ghost Mike's Monday Musings with a rating of Really Good!

Featured 08/28/2022 - 08/31/2022!

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Fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing how rarity takes hold and faces her trauma.

Comment posted by Christiantwist deleted August 29th

Ah, your writing always has such finesse to it, a way with words to toy with emotions and evoke imagery while not indulging in endless purple prose as so many people fall prey to. I particularly loved the visual of the bowl of marshmallow Rarities that could only chirp "Darling!"

Using the Nightmare Rarity sequence from the comics is a great choice, and I am very much looking forward to where this is going next. They speak of sisterhood but I would be lying if I didn't feel a teensy tiny bit of Lunarity feels here.

One question, though I freely acknowledge this is likely to be answered by the story itself at some point and I should be patient: Will Rarity gain a form of immortality to go with taking on this mantle, or will she have to pass it down to a new apprentice, thus starting a chain of Dreamwalkers? Honestly with the size of Equestria she might benefit from some subordinates/associates that can also dreamwalk. Maybe that's where Trixie can get the powers after all.

Anyways, fantastic opening, and I'm eager to read the rest.

I think I'll track this fic. Any estimation on how many chapters this story will be?

This is a relatively short one - just two chapters. Other one should be out in a couple days, I'm just doing some final tweaks on it.


I particularly loved the visual of the bowl of marshmallow Rarities that could only chirp "Darling!"

I wrote those paragraphs with the initial idea about two years ago. It has never stopped making me giggle, and is part of why I just had to get this out eventually.

Using the Nightmare Rarity sequence from the comics is a great choice, and I am very much looking forward to where this is going next.

It's something I've always been amazed was never explored. You would think that it would be a really obvious connection between the two characters, yet it's never explored in any of the official canon and almost totally untouched in the fandom (because apparently Nightmare Rarity is only for porn.)

I agree, it surprises me how under used Nightmare Rarity is, i was hoping to find one story of Rarity being connect to Luna, like being her apprentice or secretly being her daughter, even with the porn stuff there no connect, see just another nightmare with no connect to Luna, i think i've seem more stories of Rainbow Dash being connect to Luna.

In a world without the Tantabus Mk. II, alias Moondog, Luna must find another to take up her mantle as the Princess of Dreams. As the only other living pony with such an affinity for the Dream Realm, she looks to one of her saviors to fill this role: none other than Rarity Belle, hero, artiste—and fellow former Nightmare. But can the Ponyville seamstress rise to the challenge and overcome her dark past?

Find out next time, on DREAM A DREAM!

In case it's not obvious, I love this idea and will eagerly await the next chapter.

The only plot hole I see is that, unless Luna gives Rarity her cutie mark, she can't give up her dream powers to anyone else.

"Winning the lottery? Or perhaps finding love?"

I was expecting "naked in the hall in high school."

I tried so hard not to make a Moondog reference in this. Avoided it, but the temptation was so damn high.

:moustache: I had the weirdest dream last night...
:twilightsheepish: Eh It's nothing
:raritycry: Princess Twilight Sparkle we need to 'talk" :twilightsmile: I can schedule you for later today
:duck: Now! it's about Spike...
:twilightoops: Wut!?! "..."
:moustache: Are you sure?
:facehoof: You're kidding me...
:raritywink: I will not miss a great romance, It's not polite to keep a lady in waiting
:moustache: Should I be scared?
:rainbowlaugh: Yes very
:ajbemused: I still have Grannys coach gun

Not enough fics out there that discuss Rarity's experience and possible trauma from being possessed by the Nightmare. I'm definitely up for seeing a Rarity and Luna centric story!

I do wonder though how Luna will give these dreamscape abilities to Rarity since I thought that these powers would be inherent to Luna's cutie mark. I am intrigued!!!

"What I require is a pony who has a creative soul, the adaptability to work on the fly, and a dedication to patrol the dream world all night, every night."

The unicorn hesitated, squirming under the full force of the compliments. "That last one doesn't sound like Trixie," she offered up as a delay to the conversation.

"Please. The ability to perform a personalized show for a new audience every minute? Trixie wouldn't be able to get enough of it."

...*scribbles furtively*

Great characterizations. I relate to Luna's "I do not respect 'dibs'" missing the mark a bit too much; every now and then, I write something that calls back to a previous phrase in a clever way, only to come back to it some time later and be clueless as to what I'm referencing.

Probably for the best to not make a reference to a character who breaks the story's premise in two.

"Patrolling the dreams of Equestria is taxing. Even at her height, my sister could not rule and do such a thing at the same time. So it is a separate duty from that of the Sun, the Moon, and the Throne. And I have chosen you, Rarity Belle, as my first choice to take up that task."

"What about your daughter? The one you purpose-built for these duties? The one watching us right over there?"


Oh man, this is such a fantastic premise. A shame it's only going to have one more chapter (definitely going to track for it). Here's hoping you leave it open-ended for an opportunity to continue should you wish to.
I'll admit, I also had a brief thought to Moondog before I was like, "Nope! Different author, different premise, ignore that." Though 11345847's little dialogue box there did make me laugh.

Also, if I may, being an editor and all:

A trail run, so that you can understand the task more fully."

I do believe you mean trial.


I do believe you mean trial.

Three editing passes and one still slips through. Ain't that just the way? (Thank you, corrected.)

And I'm cutting off after the two chapters, but the ending (at least at this point, I'm still in the tweaks stage) is fairly open-ended and I haven't ruled out a sequel. Though that depends entirely on Calliope's whims.

*slaps table* You sonnuva bitch I'm in! Nightmare Rarity needs more exploration.

Favourited, liked and tracked, if I like it it means is that good as I favourite every story I read to keep track of them

Haven't read the chapter yet (I'll save that for when the second one is added to wrap it up), but I have tracked it! Looks very intriguing, consider me lined up!

Though I do wonder why you haven't added the MLP Comic tag. Hardly a spoiler, given the long description. Unless that tag is known to actively deter readers fearing Continuity Lockout? Given how few read the comics and how few stories have the tag (less than 500, even now), it wouldn't surprise me that much.

The tiny Marshmallowities are just a perfect dream-detail. "Darling!" :duck:

A Nightmare Rarity fic? In 2022? Fantastic!

I see in another comment that this is only going to be two chapters. Shame that, was highly interested in seeing where this went. But for what it is, it's an interesting one. I'm always a sucker for fun dream stuff, and the marshmallow were great.

If I may be permitted to ramble just a bit, I've stopped reading pony stories a very long time ago, unless they were written by friends, and even then it was seldom. For reasons that are neither here nor there, I've recently been reminded of how much I deeply enjoy it and have missed it over the past... Wow, it's been around four years since I've picked a story at random and read it simply because it sounded interesting. And if you haven't caught on to what I'm winding up to, this is the first one I'm picking up in all that time. And I'm glad it is, it reminds me of something I've missed, which is simply to see the wealth of ideas that can be had across the fandom.

Apologies for rambling about myself in your comment section, but I thought it might amuse. I'll be checking back eagerly for that next chapter :twilightsmile:

I like this. Short, but concise and to the point. It makes sense and gives us a lot to mull over in a small package.

"This is your subconscious. Do not complain to me about its contents."

This is getting off onto quite the interesting start. I look forward to more.

This is enjoyable. It touchs upon both show and comic while adding some reality to the seriousness of the story that is usually avoided by both show and comic.
Your story was a fresh reminder that the fandom was why I got into MLP:FIM to begin with. I hope to read more stories like this. :raritystarry:

Pretty good, though not exactly where I thought this was gonna go I still liked it

You say this ballooned in size, but I wasn't expecting this to end in 2 chapters!

Regardless, good work!

Though it would thrill me to see Rarity's first faltering steps into the wider world this story is perfect already. Bravo, friend.

Luna facehoofed. "Ah. Mortality." She grimaced. "Would you believe that it actually slipped my mind?"

She spends the rest of eternity either being proud of or cringing at each subsequent Dream Princess's skills.

Very nice, especially the deeper reason Luna chose Rarity as her successor. I'd like to see more, but this is a nice open-ended ending.

:twilightoops: Spike! What happened?
:moustache: I was having a nightmare and then... then Rarity kissed me like forever!
:twilightsmile: Go back to sleep you silly dragon , It was only a dream
:duck: Wasn't it?

Nice nightmare exploration :pinkiehappy: Do me! Do me! Do me!
:trollestia: Sister? Me cake is screaming at me...

Luna won't let a lifespan issue be a actual issue. Ascension is always a possibility in the long run.

I don't know if Rarity's character is truly worthy, but maybe Luna can ask her sister how to ease a pony into one that is and eventually do a feat that makes her an alicorn. Perhaps the feat can be she becomes the new princess of the night or something along those lines, you know dream walking becomes natural for her, or she paints the stars. Something along those lines

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