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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss

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It has been a decade since Twilight Sparkle was crowned sole Princess, and Equestria is at peace.

The Crystal Empire, not so much. King Sombra is apparently unkillable, despite all efforts. He returns several times a year to be destroyed, leaving behind his horn and always swearing vengeance. The jaded Crystal Ponies, some literally jade, have grown used to their tyrant attempting to return. Princess Cadance rules with her husband Shining Armor, while their daughter Flurry Heart excels in school. All is well.

All seems well, until Cadance begins to suspect that something is wrong with her daughter after the latest battle with Sombra. Flurry quite literally walks off a blast of concentrated dark magic. What Cadance discovers will shake her family to the core and upend everything she thought she knew about her daughter.

Flurry Heart is evil. If Cadance cannot save her daughter, she must stop her before it's too late.

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Flurry Heart, like everyone else in the Crystal Empire, knows that along with the Hearth's Warming traditions shared with the rest of Equestria, the alicorn known as Kris Kringle, with the special talent to know who's naughty or nice, travels from home to home during Hearth's Warming to hand out presents.
What she needs to know is whether Kris Kringle's mind can be changed.
Thus, she embarks on a quest, sleep depriving herself to prepare for Kringle's arrival. It's that mixture of Hearth's Warming fear and sleep-deprivation that allows Sombra access into her mind to harvest that fear to reform. With Auntie Luna staved off by the wards Flurry Heart set up herself, it's up to her to send Sombra back to whence he came.

Sex tag is there for an innuendo early on. Don't worry, this story's PG-13.

Written for Frazzle2Dazzle for Jinglemas 2022 with the prompt,

Sombra and Flurry Heart, with no romance.

Hope you found this enjoyable, my man. I had more of a blast than I expected writing it. Merry Christmas.

Chapters (1)

Shining Armor has one task this evening: guard the cookie jar from Flurry Heart. What he didn't anticipate was his daughter getting some very fluffy friends to help in her raid.

Edited by: Nebbie
Cover Art by: Me
Additional Prereading by: IAmADeliciousPotato

Oh hey, this became my first featured fic! Earliest I saw it in the box: November 1st, 2:07 AM.

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Rose is a young filly in Cloudsdale, longing to grow up to be a Wonderbolt, the best unit of knights in Equestria. She goes to the tavern every night, and listens to the tales of glorious battle and heroic duels told by the bard. She dreams of saving the damsel, serving her lord, and being admired as the best knight in the lands.

So what does she do when she witnesses her first real duel?

This is just something short and simple I wanted to write, both playing on the trope of what people think a sword fight is, compared to the reality, and as a bit of a tie-in with a bigger universe and story that I’m working on. Hopefully you all like it! :raritywink:

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Sunset Shimmer graduated from her place as Celestia's student a year ago and earned her position not only as a sorceress of fire but as a knight of considerable prowess. With her duty weighing her down, and her role as the Princess' blunt instrument leaving her isolated, Sunset's only real friend is a simple gardener.

Cover art is the Bastard Sword from Dark Souls 3.

Chapters (2)

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has been canceled. Sunset Shimmer has worries about what this means for her show, what it means when a fictional character's story ends, and why Princess Twilight seems to be taking this so calmly.

Maybe a heart-to-heart in the Green Room can help.

Chapters (1)

With the series winding down, four members of the ensemble cast toast to a job well done… and are approached by another background pony wanting their seasoned advice.

Upbeat and sentimental short that chronologically takes place two weeks before the finale. No prior knowledge of these characters is necessary to enjoy this fic; they all are well defined in-story.

Teen rating for alcohol consumption and the crude but lighthearted banter to which it leads. Profanity tag for some reminiscing in the second chapter about older, edgier fan depictions of the featured characters.

:pinkiegasp: Now with a written review!

Chapters (2)

Every time Luna falls asleep, her lover vanishes. Every morning, she must find who he's replaced.

Sex tag for allusions to sex off-screen and mentions of stallion's equipment. You know the drill. Better safe than sorry.

Written for Zontan as part of a Christmas fic exchange. The prompt he gave was "I want a story about a sympathetic villain protagonist. Tempest, Nightmare Moon, Starlight, Chrysalis, etc - so long as they're out there doing villainous things for good reason."

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The war with Discord has been going on for years, shows no signs of ending anytime soon, and has cost the land of Equestria dearly.

Following a terrible battle, Princess Luna is confined to the castle with a broken wing. Bored, she wanders into the research lab and comes face to face with Time Turner, a pacifist scientist who greatly disagrees with Luna's wartime policies. The two frenemies have verbally sparred before, but tonight Luna needs something else from the good doctor.

Tonight, she needs comforting words, a shoulder to cry on, and perhaps just a little bit more...


This is the SFW version of the original story 'Right Place, Right Time.'

Special thanks to Grand_Moff_Pony for pre-reading the original work.

Cover art borrowed from regolithx.

Chapters (1)

Twilight questions who's journal she's reading and ends up having a talk with Sunset Shimmer.

After that, Sunset and 'Twilight', become friends.

Chapters (4)