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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


In the chaos of the Battle of the Bell, Spitfire is knocked from the sky.

She finds herself saved not by her fellow Wonderbolts, not by the Elements of Harmony - but by someone from her past.

Featured 8/13/2020!

Now with a dramatic reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

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I liked this story. Good job!

Ooooh, nifty! WHich came first: the story idea or the pic?

the photo came first, i was the one who comissioned it, since LD got shafted from the final episodes.
i was planning on doing a story to the photo i had comissioned, but i guess somepony beat me to it lol
awesome story tho

The author's note seems to imply that the picture came first.

Fortifying yet succinct description of both Spitfire and the Battle for Equestria. Great form in writing. I'm seeing a lot more of the talent that won you Swapped Roles with Runic Notation. And finally...

"Rivals for life," she noted with a smirk. "But I never said I wanted that life to be short."

Phenomenal closing line.

Seriously, TCC, thank you for a fantastic FIMFic.

Ah crud! I'm sorry if I stole your thunder there. I just saw it and just... damn. It really hit something, you know?

Ah, yes, the best Wonderbolt recruit.

You did a phenomenal job with the story. I would not mind seeing a sequel where Spitfire gets Dash and dust together to mend their rivalry and start to become friends

Yup, knew it was only a matter of time before someone made a story for this artwork. :twilightsmile: Awesome job.

I almost skipped this when I saw how short it was. 1,000 words didn't seem like enough to do the concept justice. Then, I saw that you were the same author who wrote "Runic Notation," which I loved, and immediately dived in. I can honestly say that I'm glad I did! In the short space of this narrative, you succinctly laid out your vision and did it well. The interaction between Spitfire and Lightning Dust left a lot of things unsaid with words but showed a lot with action and dialogue. Well worth the read!

Nice work, though I kinda wish it were longer, would've liked to see the rest of the Washouts helping, and perhaps an end piece where they're getting thanked by the princesses. Hmmm, maybe some honorary rank, Sgt Lightning Dust? I think she'd be proud of that, sergeants are the working class of the Army and Marines, no?

Your art commission has landed a unique and great story with two of my favorite Pegasi Lightning Dust is better. Though a little short for my taste, seeing Lightning Dust getting inserted into the final battle after being given the boot from the actual finale is a welcome change. Even with The Washouts being a salty topic among Lightning Dust fans, I can safely say that her helmet has probably saved her life more than with just this instance. And in this instance she also saved Spitfire as well, so she is learning to value others too. A favorite good sir, for the art, the use of Lightning Dust in a heroic way, and the solid interactions she had with Spitfire especially turning the "Rivals for life!" line that left a sour taste in my mouth from that season 8 episode into a solid closing point.

If any story has Lightning Dust in, I am willing to read it!

I also saw this picture and immediately liked it. I am very glad you decided to write this story:twilightsmile: Also I liked how you maintained Lightning Dust's boastful character.

Woohoo! A story that gives LD the depth she deserves!!

While this picture could speak many words in many different stories, this is certainly a clever and very well written story, one that compliments the picture perfectly. Great work TCC56!

This is quite the nice read! Between the intense parts and the good natured competitiveness, this all is quite well structured and very much is an enjoyable read! Hope ya didn't mind, but I did a little reading on this fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/bbp9uRN0NSY

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Well... wow. Thank you! I can't begin to express how flattering it is to get this sort of attention. Thank you very much! (And I'll add it to the story's cover page once it premieres, of course.)

very nice

Short, fun, dramatic. My kind of 'Bolts story. Well deserving of a spot on the Featured box.

Lightning Dust is my second favourite Pegasus

Awww that was nice of Lightning Dust to help spitfire like that despite there history with each other thats awesome nice job

Who is your favourite pegasi

Banking around, they caught sight of where Surprise had gone down - she was being pulled clear by a changeling currently mimicing Pinkie Pie. A tiny stray thought crossed the Wonderbolt captain's mind that the two looked eerily similar.

Nah. That would be crazy, right? Right? Right?

Above, Princess Twilight was giving a speech - neither pegasus was listening.

There may be a battle going on, but that's no excuse to ignore an Friendship Lesson by the Princess of Friendship herself!
Spitfire + Lightning Dust: "The stuff we are doing right now counts as several lessons at one, so shut up!"
Point taken...

Which was when Spitfire asked the question. "Why?"
Lightning Dust looked not at Spitfire but at the still lightly glowing Elements of Harmony. "Rivals for life," she noted with a smirk. "But I never said I wanted that life to be short."

Lightning Dust: "Besides, if someone is to end you it will be me, not some overgrown bug."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

A very worthy thousand words for this picture. Thank you for it.

This was ok.

That would have made a FANTASTIC scene in the episode itself...

EXCELLENT work...!!

Aside from the repeated misspellings, ‘Lighting Dust’ this story is well done. 7.5/10


You know, I find it amazing. Four editing passes, five months and 1.2k views and nobody noticed that.

Thank you and corrected.

Cozy: heh
Well played lightning
I guess we both reformed overtime

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