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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Takes place sometime after "Rainbow Falls".)

The Wonderbolts have qualified for the Equestria Games and it seems like all is well. But that all changes when a newspaper begins to publish an account of what happened at Rainbow Falls while the qualifier was being held. Suddenly, the reputation of the Wonderbolts begins to take a nosedive.

Spitfire, now racked with guilt for the decision to cut Soarin from the team, decides that there's only one way to salvage the Wonderbolts' reputation and make things right. She announces her desire to resign and hoof the reigns to somepony, which shocks her entire team.

Rainbow Dash is equally shocked, and becomes determined to talk some sense into Spitfire. But is Spitfire in a mood to be reasoned with? Or perhaps it'll take something extreme to make her reconsider?

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I like this, it genuinely seems like something I'd picture Dash and Spit talking about. I also like the lesson you portrayed here, it makes sense and really works. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

10194134 Thank you. I want to do something different from the usual accusation/call out fics. Especially since for an episode like "Rainbow Falls" there were already quite a few written in the immediate aftermath of the episode.

I can only imagine. It's not one of my favorite episodes, but that's because of how poorly Spitfire and Fleetfoot act. I do agree with changing it up a bit. I actually like the Wonderbolts, and find that a lot of the episodes where they're the main focus to be not giving them the competence they deserve. It's part of the reason I write so many 'bolt fics myself, I'm giving them a better light where the show didn't.

Great, educational content with minute grammatical errors. Just a little thing to improve your writing: excessive usage of exclamation marks dilutes its significance, especially at the front portion of the story. I wished that the lesson at the end could be brought forth through Spitfire’s thought process and how it may potentially affect her leadership style. Keep up the great work!

Nicely made! I always wondered what the hay they were thinking. I mean, the Wonderbolts are supposed to be a team and Rainbow Falls looked like "everyone for himself"

On that note, the academy always showed this indirectly, when Spitfire said it's not a race, yet gives Rainbow and Lighting free time after the others crashed.

awesome! this is good material for an episode right here!

Another good story!

This story could have used a lot more showing and a lot less telling.

This was really great! I could see Spitfire reacting the way she did; to save honor she has to step down and admit fault. I loved the way Dash made her understand that ponies make mistakes.

Rainbow shook her head. "No. It was supposed to make you realize what it is about being a Wonderbolt that's so great. Why so many ponies from far and wide look up to you the way they do. Because you're the best of the best. And knowing that you make mistakes, knowing that you don't always come out on top or save the day when called into action, that just makes me appreciate you more," She was quick to add. "If a fan like me hasn't given up on her dreams of joining the team, then you know that there are still ponies out there who haven't lost faith in you yet. But if you step down now, you'll let what happened at Rainbow Falls define the team forever. If you truly want to put it all behind you, you'll face up to whatever consequences the games officials decide to inflict on you. If it means another group of flyers has to compete in the Equestria Games instead of the Wonderbolts, so be it."

This was my favorite passage; Dash showing real maturity and helping her C.O. out of a tough situation. She sounds 'almost' like Twilight explaining a friendship lesson to Spitfire. Awesome!

Not bad. I do think that this was a bit more talking in some parts, but on the other hand it's still miles above most other fics that deal with the aftermath of a contentious episode. Namely because the story actually has Spitfire dealing with the shame of the Wonderbolts' conduct and trying to do something about it, rather than say lots of other ponies just coming in to rake her over the coals and denounce her.

Really, really liked that Rainbow Dash mentioned the good things that the Wonderbolts have done in other episodes - like trying to save Rarity in the Best Young Flyers' Competition, or trying to (heh) save Rarity from the greed-crazed Spike. I think people tend to forget moments like that in favor of tarring all the Wonderbolts in general as being awful.

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10255032 What do you mean it wasn't her fault? She was part of the plan to replace Soarin with Rainbow Dash, and even if it wasn't her idea originally she went along with it.

But it was only because she needed a replacement...anyway, good story:fluttershysad:I am sorry I forgot to mention that in my previous comment

10256317 Yes, but that replacement didn't need to be Rainbow Dash. And they tried to recruit her the moment Soarin was carted off with his injury.

yup, thanks for the story.it gave me loads of inspiration:pinkiehappy:

I read it again:twilightsheepish:,it is defiantly a great story

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