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Always gonna love Aj. Im just a silly guy. Hope to be friends with anyone who wants to be mine. if not, that's still fine. Just enjoy your life for yourself K?


Captain Jack Sparrow. Just having another normal day being a pirate and finding a cure for his black pearl ship that was stuck in it's bottle still from his most recent adventure.

He went to go find something to re-fix his ship so he could finally set sail, and he found a treasure map that led him to something that should've fixed his ship and made it back to normal.

But, instead of fixing his ship. He is sent to someplace he was not expecting was real.

A world, made of colorful ponies. Also, any kind of feedback would be awesome. Positive or negative, I'll take it :)

(Crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow is our important character, and the humor is gonna be just like it is from the movie. Except funnier. Also, No futa? WHAT!?!?!??!?! But yeah, I am gonna have fun with this one XD.) Doing this just for fun, I have nothing to do with anything :)

(Also, Mature rating for alcohol, sex reference, shippage, and possible sex references.........don't judge me. Also, swearing, Jack Sparrow humor and much more! But no futa :) ) Also Why is the rum gone? Gag XD

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 119 )

God damnit Jack! You don't listen to ponies, you listen to rum! XD

Can someone tell me who was the one that disliked my story?

Please fix thine Grammar. We shalt be back after thee hast fixed the problems within thy story.

5814510 I think I have thine fixed grammar problems.

I don't know...give it a look if you want to thine Princess :)

Wait a minute! Where's my rum?! MOM! DID YOU TAKE MY RUM AGAIN?!

5814732 Congratz on making it to the popular stories list :pinkiehappy:

And 4 chapters already?! Holy crap! That's more work then I'll ever do in one day!

5814738 I know.

It's cause I have time on my hands XD.

Also, if you need any help. Seriously, just ask.


5814740 I'm good at the moment, just chilling in the school's auditorium, working on stuff while my friend keeps annoying me and telling me to pay attention to the speaker -_-

5814760 Don't pay attention.

Be like "What'd he say?" at that end and tease your friend about it or something XD

5814783 Got out of it, now I'm stuck in another location learning how to sell stuff.....today is so boring at school XD

5814814 I get to sit on my ass at home.

Trust me, It's far more worse -_-.

Why is the rum always gone?
Because, dear Jack, the Universe is a sadistic bitch, that´s why.

I couldn't care less if this story is badly written! I'm giving it a like on the idea alone!:rainbowlaugh:

Norrington?:rainbowhuh: He died in the third movie.:facehoof: Jacks oldest friend was Gibbs.

...this needs an editor. I absolutely love the concept and have long looked for a Jack in Equestria but, structurally, this story needs work. Lot of improper sentences and the sort. Not bad just...need some real editing.

5815624 Sorry!

Norrington was on all four movies and I thought it was him.

I'll change it asap :)

He took his hat off and smiled.
'There we are!' Jack said to himself.
He took the rum out of his hat and dranked it.
He ahhhed relivingly.


"Why is the rum always gone?" Jack asked.
"What was that?" Twilight asked.
"Nothing," Jack replied.

Jeez, that's the 2nd time he ended up in the ocean like that.


5817619 It's gonna be a gag for a while because the rum being gone is really funny XD

5817530 It won't be the alst either.

In movies, he really loved being in an ocean too :)

Oh you edited it. I wasn't trying to be rude or dramatic with the emotes. Sorry.

you have a good jack sparrow there, but it feels somehow off, maybe it was Twilight.

5827903 Yeah. She wasn't as intrigued as she would be.

Sorry, it's being re-written and everything as we speak though :)

I wonder if anyone will figure out my reference to when Twilight slammed him straight down to the ground on his back XD

5827928 I can´t say that it would be a real problem right now, but the Daring Doo Chapter is the next thing that was somehow bit strange for me, maybe it would be nice, if you could explain it to me in a mail/PN, it maybe makes more sense.

I don´t know if you meant that she liked him, or if she just wanted to trick him, then again i don´t know why she noticed that he was a Pirate, i think he just said that he was a Captain.
The last thing i have to ask about is, did she really made him fall asleep, to take his hat, or am i missing something?

I think the one chapter, where Jack told the princesses, and the main six what he thought about them, was your best chapter.

I am no pro, but maybe you are a bit to jumpy with the chapters, i mean you should maybe take your time and explain more, or just make the chapter a little bit larger. My reason why i think this way is, that i think you probably want to make a serious (more or less), romance with Jack Sparrow later right? I suppose, that if everything change that quickly it could feel a bit off, and maybe the romance seems to be weird.
Then again i think nothing big had happened till now, and it didn´t hurt the story to much, but would he not need to walk a while longer to get to any ruins? While the Everfree is mysterious and everything, i don´t suppose there is something near ponyville, where Daring Doo would really go to hunt treasures.
Sorry i don´t want to sound mean, but i am a bit tired, and maybe there are one or two things i would think differently about, if i would have slept a bit.

Now i just want to say something that is probably not that important.
I think i had preferred it, if Twilight would have not been the reason, why he was in her world, i mean if she want a Human, why did she had written that letter, or who put that sign on? If this would happen to be an Human, which would probably be already in Equestria if he would find out about the Crown, then who?
Sorry if i ask to much, i am probably only tonight like this, but i suppose it can only help to think about it at least, i really mean no offense, however this should maybe sound like.

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