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Vagabond short fiction writer. Veteran of many fandom wars. Believer of light in the darkness.


Two introverts, invisible to the school around them.

Two girls, largely forgotten by the world.

One quiet room in an obscure part of the building.

One chance to change course.

Written for Secret Moon's Self-Isolation contest, where it got an Honourable Mention!

Featured 4/16/2020 & 4/17/2020!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

The fact that this lacks a romance tag saddens me!

Wow, nice work.

Shoot, now I have dawwabeties. :pinkiesmile:

This was really adorable!

There's some new foreign student who's visiting and Trixie is absolutely obsessed with him.

Given that you referenced "The Perfect Pear" in the previous paragraph, I'm assuming that this is also a reference, but I'm not positive I got it. Is this an inverse Hoo'Far situation? Or is it someone else?

I'm not sure how I feel about Marble being a special ed student rather than somebody who's just exaggeratedly shy, but I found all of Wallflower and Marble's interactions to be relatable. And you did a great job demonstrating how the Rainbooms figured out what these two needed even while Wallflower herself was in the dark.


Is this an inverse Hoo'Far situation?

It is indeed meant to be a Hoo'Far reference, yes.

But my social life has gone from zero to a hundred instantly and it's been tough to handle that. I want to be noticed, but I'm still Wallflower. It's all too much.

I'm honestly surprised Twilight and/or Fluttershy didn't spot this problem.

It still sends the girl backwards with a squeak, her attempt to pull away foiled by the fact that the sunset-lit desert of the backdrop isn't real.

Given her twin, I can't blame her for trying.

Holding out my hand, I offer the grey girl the packet of peanut butter crackers. The only one that had been in the vending machine this morning. The only one I've seen in the vending machine this year.

I really like the idea that peanut butter crackers are the CHS snacking Holy Grail. Bizarre yet hilarious.

Fluttershy probably talked to them about it - she's the one who understands me the best.

Ah, there we go.

Sunset's kind of dumb sometimes.

Every pony is a silly pony at times.

Wonderful stuff. I'm a sucker for novel character interaction, and this was an exquisite example of it. Thank you for a fantastic depiction of Wallflower paying it forward even as she's still figuring if she's actually profiting from all of the social income.

I feel like this ended too soon. I wanted to watch their relationship develop!

Aww, this seems like a really promising friendship. The first person choice was well-done too. I'm surprised this didn't place higher in the contest. Anyway, it was nice to read this entry, fellow honorable mention.

Can they rob a bank in a sequel?

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