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working on fics again · 12:07am Jul 4th, 2016

Hello my followers and readers, as you may have already noticed, I have updated a saucy rarity/changeling fic after a long hiatus. The good news is that I have resumed writing and already have a good amount of my next release taken care of. The only bad news is that my life right now is somewhat hectic so it may still take me a while to finish, especially since I am in need of an editor or at least a proof reader.

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When are you gonna republish your A Saucy Rarity/Changeling fic story and finally gonna finish it? I read that story and it was great.

918140 But of course! I am really liking what you have so far and I look forward to seeing your story as it unfolds. :twilightsmile:

Thank-you for the follow.

Thanks for watching and your opinion on "Lyre under the Leaves" and, of course, for the :moustache:moustaches:moustache: :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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