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FAN FICTION- Photon Prime


Lord Tempestus once lead armies under the banner of King Lunarum. Five crusades, five victories. Only, his final crusade ended in disaster with the banishment of the Crystal Empire. A thousand years later the Captain General is pulled out of the dungeon and brought back into the light. Without wars to fight, and with Equestria no longer in need of his military prowess he finds himself at a loss of what to do. Life finds him, and he decides to share his story with those who will listen.

Now edited by Gaby (As of 2020)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 48 )

Informative: You have this Unit's attention.

So he makes Scoots his 3rd daughter.... so who will be his wife? Rainbow Dash? Twilight? I am watching this story.

It's a good start. I will be looking for more.

Loving it so far, cant wait for more!

This was quite enjoyable, though I am curious about who the “bat pony” mentioned in the first chapter is.

No worries, time shall tell. :twilightsmile:

"No, wooden town, lots of thatch, how is your insurance?"

She lives in Ponyville, her insurance is good :moustache:

If you don't (or do) mind, i'm gonna just download your image. Much better than the more popular dragon-pony hybrids on the internet in my opinion.
Exhibit A: static.dhne.ws/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/dragon_ponies_set_1_by_blood_asp0123-d5mlyet.png
Need i say more?

Tempestus :heart: Rainbow Dash? Please? :scootangel:

I really like this and am looking forward to more. Interesting character.

Minor typo.

I stood in the harsh rain for a full minuet staring at where the four had left before sheathing my sword and walking to Scootaloo.

There are advantages to not being able to read. Since we listen to these, its easy to catch things the eye simply glides over.

The Monk
“On her doorstep was Twilight Sparkle. While Derpy deeply respected the mare, like most in Ponyville, they wished she'd either switch to decaf, or start hitting the harder stuff.” -Dan_s Comments

Do Tempestus and Tempest Shadow meet in this story?

This gets a fav and a watch! :pinkiehappy:

I had not planned on it, but may do it in a later chapter or a AU to this AU.

Go right ahead, artwork is by Pridark commissioned for this story and my profile picture.

More artwork to come in due time.

If you would like the full picture PM me.

That is true, but it was too good to pass up the reference.

:scootangel: yea half dragon & pony
:unsuresweetie: Don't let you know who find out
:applecry: Oh my.... Looks like they did.

I have to say I absolutely love this story so far. It's a little fast paced for me, however the set up is very exciting. I look forward to seeing the next chapter.

More please shio oc to rainbow Dash or etc.

I love this so much!!! So wholesome so far :scootangel: Please keep this up!

Wholesome is a new word to describe on of my fics. Thank you, next chapter should be out in the middle of next month.

HeLlO dArKnEsS mY oLd FrIeNd

"I is an uncommon skill, if you don't do it right then bad things can and will happen." I found myself drawn towards a splash of prismatic brilliance behind the alicorn.

Or do “Aye, it is...”

My editor is taking his sweet time, alas I only read through it 5 times before posting it...

It will be fixed, be warned there is another typo in Chapter 2 as well.

I am too quick! I have read the chapter already!

Didn't you say it was a one bedroom home?

Don't let this die. Insta-fav!

Chapter 3 is in progress, currently 700 words in but I have been distracted by a Hurricane, work, and my two furry four legged siblings.

It shall go on, I just need to get through this slice of life.

Could you PM me the approximate location, continuity is important to me?

No silver you didn't copyright- You did...
I will be back after I pay the fine!

OK, usually I don't read unfinished fics, I'm reading this one.

Update hopefully soon. Also, I am digging your username!

Can't wait to find out what happens next

Progress is slow, but do not fret I am working on Chapter 3.

I'vE cOmE tO tAlK wItH yOu AgAiN

Slow working, I am about 1k words into the next chapter. It will come, but it is slow. (P.S. artwork coming with it.)


And for everyone else waiting, I can confirm that the back story starts next chapter. Working hard to get it right for all of your enjoyment!

Not going to say much about the story, everybody stole all the good stuff already. Just know that you have hooked this old dragon, have an upvote and tracking.
Also found these for you. Numbers 1 and 3 are what I call examples of ETISC, [Excessive Trust In Spell Check], no worries everybody does it.
Waiting for more.

I speak with regarding a quarry of taking in a charge?" Think you might have meant [query] perhaps with about instead of, [of]
I tapped a dwar open. [drawer]
namely the hydrologic press, [hydraulic ]

Thanks for that, I actually... don't use spell check. Stopped trusting it a few years back. I just need to stop writing at 2am, lol.

I will fix these soonish, as soon as I get my PC up, I have been writing off of my phone.

Sorry for any confusion!

How far is this story, I see that it's five years after the Crystal Empire returns, but how much has happened between then? Overall, you have received a 10/10 HNNG for heartfelt.

Set after S8, I have no way to watch S9 atm. 5 years was a guess based on a few factors. Glad you are enjoying it. The next chapter is about halfway done pre editor who is also going over previous chapters so... I hope to get it out soon.

They're right. You mentioned near the start concerning his home that it was a one bedroom house, but when Scootaloo comes into play there's a second bedroom.

I am eager to see how his war talents play off in the future of this story.

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