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When Princess Celestia created the Equestrian Intelligence Agency (EIA), there were four branches. The Central Branch controls all major police forces around Equestria and taking over for them in a time of crisis. The Governmental Branch focuses on government officials to make sure they're not stepping out of line. The International Branch controls how our diplomats interact nationally with other governments.

However, you may have noticed I only mentioned three different branches. That's because those are the only branches that are made public, and for good reason.

The fourth branch, the Subconscious Branch, is much harder to explain.

Basically what we do, what Dream Jumpers and the SCB does, is we get into ponies’ minds. And not just that woo-woo mind control shit a lot of ponies are picking up these days.

We see everything.

Memories, feelings, thoughts, emotions, everything that makes up a pony is accessible to us in a millisecond.

And that’s just the start.

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Main story idea: PandoraBoxable
Cover art created by: PandoraBoxable
Proofread by: FloydienSlip

Idea from Chapter 31 of The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine, written by meme-asaurus.

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I'm excited to read more; this is a really intriguing story! ^^ I especially love how you set up the prologue and how it transitioned to the next chapter.

I know you're probably busy with life and all, but I can't wait until you update this. I'll wait a couple more years if I have to- if I can remember to check on it by then


I hope I can soon, too. <3
Please read my latest blog entry. I'm trying to deal with a bunch of shit rn but writing is still on my list c:

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