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Put the cart before the horse, mix things up, and look at them in a different way.


After a spree of indecent, criminal acts in America, Justin Bieber is deported to Canada. But they don't want him either, so he's exiled to Equestria. Will he make the best of his clean slate, or will he continue to be a spoiled brat? Yes.

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This will be glorious. :ajsmug:

Oh joy.:pinkiecrazy:
Reading this later and expecting a good laugh.:rainbowlaugh:

So many people think Canada sucks because it has Justin Bieber, when in fact:
-Canada has free health care
-It has higher wages (minimum wage is almost 10 dollars)
-Crime rate is very low
-A lot healthier here (Not many McDonalds are here)
-People here are nicer
-It invented snow:twilightsheepish:

Not to be a dick, I love America and have been there many times.

All of my yes.

i cant believe this will turn into an idea now thats its been done once its gonna happen again at some point

I have no idea what's going on in my head right now

By just reading the description, I can already tell this is going to be the greatest story ever made in the history of ever


-Canada has free health care

-It has higher wages (minimum wage is almost 10 dollars)

Big fan of Canada here, but these things have an effect on the economy, which will mostly alter the prices of goods that would be a lot less in the US.

The basic economic principle at work:

-Taxes from government to support free health care will be higher. (Generalizing here, as I do not have full info on how Canada is taxed, but this is a basic principle.)
-Minimum wage means that necessary workers cost more.

This leads companies to increase the costs of good to be able to show the same profit margins as in the US. Basically, everyone is making 'more' money, but since they have to spend more for the same services, it all evens out in the end.

Also, government healthcare systems... Meh, don't have experience with the Canadian way, but the US is screwing it up pretty well, so it may be as sub-par there as it is here. Yay for socialism. It could be so awesome if it works, or so sucky if it doesn't.

-It invented snow:twilightsheepish:

And hockey! Don't forget best sport!

Also, fic is lelworthy.

Yeah, things in Canada are more expensive than in the US. But hey, I never said Canada was perfect.


But hey, you guys do have the best superhero ever.


:heart: (I love Canada...)

(and I'm Canadian) ^^'

Pfffft. It's not like Equestria would want that little prick, either. :rainbowlaugh:

When this showed up on the alert box my first reaction was:
It's not like we don't already have enough 'X popular person in Equestria' fics, but.... this brings the genre to a new low. I'm sorry. The only thing that could challenge this is 'One Direction Gets lost in Equestria'...

I'm sorry. I just... I can't like this :moustache:

He didn't die at the end.
But something far better happened.

Also, marvelous fic. Quite amusing.

I have not laughed so hard in forever :rainbowlaugh:

We need to E-mail this story to Justin Bieber.

I wonder what his reaction would be.

A fic with the worst singer feat. The land of Maple Syrum.

Off to the read-laterz!

That was a great fic eh.


"Canada invented hockey"

U mean Norway in the 1300s


Nuuu, this conflicts with my headcanon!


>headcanon.avi has undergone a critical systems failure
>user:doc must perform emergency shutdown and reboot

Well, at least he ends up in pain at the end.

Super Kami Guru allows this. :moustache:

Only one chapter? Disappointing, but satisfying.


What a :twistnerd:! :trollestia:


That pic just made my day. Or night. Or whatever.

+1 lelpoint

Definitely got a good number of lols outta me. Congrats on adding something else to the ever-growing "Let's shit on Beiber" list :rainbowlaugh:

*Throws Bottle*

ShadowFall startled the Bieber!

But, isn't Wolverine Canadian? And Deadpool? And, well you get the idea; there's lots of Canadians supers...

3932735 Because I don't want my Ponelandia V 4.0 to be polluted with (A. Canadians. B. Crappy Popstars. C. Justin Booblord)


But none compare to the majesty that is Captain Canuck.


Great, now I wanna write a Captain Canuck crossover fic...

I'm struggling to see if this is a real thing. I kinda of hope not, but I kinda hope so at the same time.


Oh, he's real.


Three characters have worn the maple leafed costume of Captain Canuck. Described as a cross between Captain America and Flash Gordon, the first Captain Canuck patrols Canada in the (then) futuristic world of 1993, where "Canada had become the most powerful country in the world." He was the costumed agent of the Canadian International Security Organization (CISO).

The '70s... So freaking funny.


ETC #36 · Feb 12th, 2014 · · 3 ·

Why must you kill off three "hipsters" that aren't Hipsters at all?

First of all, Starbucks is too mainstream and the coffee there is horrible.
Second of all, Hollywood has no Hipsters because it costs too much there.
The universal rule of Hipster flow is start in the most unwanted place to live, because we are mostly college students or really young so therefore we have no money, then as the prices inflate in the "unwanted place" we spread to the next unwanted place.
Hollywood = too much money.
Therefore no Hipsters.
Also a real barista wouln't be caught DEAD in a Starbucks.

Just like Williamsburg to Bed Stuy.

Stat Frosty,


Much hipster.
Very wisdom.


Man, I feel like Marvel's angry about that.


I bet they laugh their friggin' heads off about it.

"Hey look, Canada wants a hero too!"
"Lul, dat name..."
"Pshhht, what nerds. Hey, wanna go roll in all the money that our not-dorky awesome heroes have made for us?"
"Yeah, let's do it!"


3932839 I apologize for the errancy of my ways. Sorrey aboot that :twistnerd:

Comment posted by Eagle deleted Feb 12th, 2014

Well, they did make a Captain Confederacy....

I don't know. With everything going on, they might take it seriously. Or just make a captain for every country.

How does this have so many dislikes? Don't tell me we have Justin Bieber fans on FimFiction. This site is strictly for highbrow gentlemen with sophisticated tastes.



That's hysterical. So long as they don't make a Captain France, I think that the world will be okay, though.

It is clear every downvote came from someone who did not read this story, for they would weep if they knew the divine experience they had missed out on.

Got me with the first paragraph:pinkiehappy:

Or just make a captain for every state, region, province, whatever in each country.


3932635 but they did can't you see

3932934 god!dont tell me we have Beiber fans on this site to!Internet holocaust time!

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