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Aerospace Engineer that sacrificed his writing for education. Worth it, but I want to continue writing again! Da pacem domine.


In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, Alrik and his men felt invincible, capable of taking on the vast seas like their heroes, but that illusion of grandeur was torn away from their minds when a furious and wrathful storm capsized his ship, sending his crew into the loving arms of the All-Father in Valhalla.
He was walking, with his men, through the doors of Valhalla, but the being of the highest power denied Alrik's entry. He pleaded, and nearly wept, to go into the promised land of nords, but it would seem that Odin had other plans for the shipwrecked captain.
Plans of conquest.

I have returned to writing this. After the abysmal writing I had in the middle chapters all those years ago, I have returned to reclaim my story and reclaim my shame. I will no longer hide, for I am truly back.

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a norseman raids equestria.......... and gets his ass kicked.

earth ponie have super strength. pegasi can fly and manipuatle weather. unicorns have magic. and all of them are quite willing to kick ass if threatened.

4088316 cna't deny that is the most likely outcome. the ponies are NOT helpless pacifists. sure they are not gonna go look for a fight but one does not organize a military for the fun of it.

Swedish viking here :pinkiehappy:

Norse Mythology fan here, very interested in where this goes.

I like the premise behind this, it's one of those off the wall crossover sort I find really great. Conventions though, need a little work. Noticing a lot of run-ons, makes for a halting sort of read. I'd recommend looking at getting someone to edit. All that said, I really look forward to future updates.

4090352 Good job, friend, you were born in Scandinavian lands! (I am American, but with Scandinavian and Spanish Ancestry)

4090725 As you should be :trollestia:

4092440 I will be looking for one soon, but for now, too lazy.

4096868 Thanks! Also, did you like that I made the ponies speak in Germanic? I found it funny, to be honest.

Viking In Equestria? I don't think i've seen that before, but it's still awesome.

I'm Russian and vikings play a pretty important role in our history(Rurik, Dyre, Holmgardr), and that is why this story intrigues me.

4102673 Thanks for the favorite and even your reasoning for the favorite :twilightsmile:

I like the premise of the story . Who doesn't like an angry norseman ?

Fuck yeah more! Also ponies better stay baby. I came here to see a viking kick ass, not be beaten because "it's magic I ain't gotta explain that shit"

4120323 There will be more, but it is testing week next week, so yeah :P

"home of the sentient, intelligent,

Sapient, not sentient.

You should have named the Norseman Robbaz, any hoof, so the Ponies speak what I assume to be German, neat

4152579 Alrik mean "Noble Ruler" in the old Scandinavian language, and yes they speak German. I found it hilarious when I wrote it.

Swedish Hoppas du fortsätter. Danish håber du fortsætter. Norwegian håper du fortsetter. Icelandic Vona að þú heldur áfram. English hope you continue :twilightsmile:

His chances of success have become decent with his added ability to float. Anyway decent story keep up the good work.

4185268 Dude, on your comment put the brackets please.

Also thanks for your support :pinkiehappy:

I actually had a similar idea , only it was Haraldr Fairhair, the founder of Norway. Nice story though.

4185307 You can still make it, you know! I would love to see it!

Stairs. Truly a terrifying and monstrous enemy.

Nice. Keep going, and you might as well remove the "Unedited" from the chapter titles.

Nipples are valid units of measurement for the vikings, I have learnt this from Robbas.

4225530 Nah, I have them there for my editor to know which he (or she, it is the internet) to know which I want edited. There will be chapters that I feel confident about, so I would label those.

Smiling after that? Well I guess she is looking on the bright side rather than concentrating on the bad stuff.

This story is too fast paced. Sorry, but the scenes change too fast for the reader to feel it.

4298677 I know, that is why I'd said I'd rewrite that chapter myself soon. I'd rather have a crummy chapter out in a week than no chapter after a month :P

Not the biggest fan of the story so far, but have a fav and like for the obvious hard effort and fairly good grammar(which about 5-10% of the site have).

For one who obviously believes in the Norse religion, he kinda lacks honor. Using a hostage, backstabbing those who helped him, I think Alrik is better off as a Crusader rather than a Viking.

4356023 Do you think Alrik thinks that honorable acts apply to animals in his way of eternal peace? And who is to say he particularly likes the gods? :trollestia:

... You're good at this logic thing.

But he drowned. Drowning lets the Norse go to the halls of their sea god whose name I forgot. Still kinda good. Hel is for old age, sickness, dying as a slave, being killed by a slave, and for being blaspheming Catholics. Or so the propaganda says.

Actually, if I analyzed your comment correctly, your point was that he would have gone to Hel. It wasn't that he wouldn't go to Valhalla. But enough of the Nazi-like analysis and just keep reading.

4466298 4466319
What if Odin had mercy and used his power to bring them to Valhalla for their couragous deeds? I mean, they did just fight off an army only to die at sea... (Well, not on Alrik, of course. Poor Guy)


4505023 Perhaps my fav. Sabaton song is Gott Mit Uns

If only Carolus was not killed... I am sure that Sweden would conquer the world.

4507026 Der löwe aus mitternacht, GOTT MIT UNS!

Review: The first part of this seemed a little confusing to me, especially the part about his relationship with his father. Not that I didn't understand it; it's just that I had to reread it several times before it made sense. Maybe flesh it out a little more? It just seemed to move a little fast.

Other than that, the second half was pretty good. Odin not letting him in, sending him to Equestria. Kinda wanted a reason for him spearing the first 'horse' he saw, but I guess when you're sent to a new land to be the "god of war", you've got to start somewhere.

Side Speculation: Where's he going to get his mutton and mead?! Oh... he gonna be angry!!!

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