• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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Anything Goes

Author's Note:

I will be fixing this chapter up soon. Here it is in semi-complete status, because I have tests all next week that I need to study for. See you guys ♥


Alrik smashed into the ground head-first at a spectacular speed. Embedded into the ground, half of him buried, he swam his axe to pull him out by his foot, his helmet stuck in the ditch. Flipping up-right, Alrik looked around for what had hit him, but nothing was near. Cautiously, he swam onto the tall, brown, building in front of him and looked closely at his surroundings, starting with the castle. There was no flying creatures encircling the castle anymore, but Alrik suspected that they are still fighting somewhere, so he then looked up once more. Straining his "eyes", he began to see the creatures once more. They were firing colorful projectiles at one another while fluidly moving at intense speeds. 'Perhaps a misfire hit me?' Alrik thought, rubbing the back of his head with his somewhat skeletal left hand.

Alrik crossed his legs and watched the fight, intrigued at what is going on. 'Maybe all these defenses,' Alrik thought with a nonchalant smirk on his face, 'was meant for the invader up there, and not me. Alrik shrugged and looked at the interesting fight...

The lighter creature that fired golden beams of magic was on the defensive, for the darker one, with a green magic, seemed to have the advantage in this aerial battle. The darker one was more precise in it's attacks, almost never missing, while the lighter one seemed too tired to continue for long. Then, suddenly, it seemed as if the aggressor aggravated the lighter one, for she seemed full of energy once more and went right back to battling. It seemed like a battle of wills now, one that could be drawn on for a long time...

But Alrik was bored of that. Alrik got up, swimming his shield and axe on and let his jarids revolve around him. He swam his helmet to his head, which took some time for some reason, and proceeded to, himself, swim towards the castle. It took only a few seconds of deafness until he arrived at his location. Oddly, every entrance he could see was blocked and the castle covered with a thick, pink barrier. Looking up, Alrik saw a few of the hole-y ponies attempting to penetrate the shield. 'Perhaps civilians lie in here?' Alrik reasoned, killing the creatures with his swimming jarids. He looked intensely at the shield, the magic seeming to flow downward like rain against glass. Alrik laughed before he took out his shield and put it on his head and, like an umbrella, walked through the barrier. 'So simple, even Maximilian could do it,' he thought, with a chuckle, before putting his shield back on his right arm.

The barrier repaired itself, but the air seemed to be tense now. 'Whatever created this barrier probably knows I am here,' Alrik thought, patting down his helmet.

He walked up to the large, extremely purple doors and attempted to push them open. Sadly, they were barred. Alrik then tried using his axe. Happily, they were not invincible, proven when they easily broke down as Alrik chopped away at it. Peeking through, it seemed no one was in the main hall, for the lights were off. Alrik could barely see, the moonlight aiding him very little in this eerily dark part of the castle. Alrik could have sworn he had seen some lights come from this building's right side, so he bumbled about the halls, using his jarids for guidance. He arrived, after a half-hour of near-pitch black, at a wooden door covered in the moon's light, revealing carvings that stopped Alrik in his tracks. There was no magic, no fields, but just the sight there halted him.He looked at the door's carvings, feeling them with his fingers with his mouth agape and his legs feeling weak out of surprise.

'Why are Rök Runes Carved into this door?' Alrik thought, his mind racing somewhat, 'This is impossible!'

Alrik backed away from the door, confusion evident even on his skeletal face. He paced around, and thought, 'How can they know the language of Asgard, when Odin said he never knew of this place?' He felt sick when he came to a conclusion within the dark, sad halls of this castle far from home. Odin, the one who he worshiped his whole life, had lied to him. His Lord Lied.

Alrik thought about this for some time...

Alrik breathed heavily, though he lacked the need for lungs at this point, and barged through the door. In the room was hundreds, no, thousands of ponies. Some were clad in golden armor, some with suits, and some bare, but none of that mattered to Alrik, for he had decided something.

A pony in armor tried to poke him with a spear, only to become full of more holes than Alrik's heart. A few others walked up, their horns blue and strong, and Alrik swam his jarids at them, only to be caught by the strange blue hue. Without his jarids, Alrik pulled out his axe and shield, killing a few dozen more of the beasts. He was jabbed a few times, but he felt nothing. Soon, his axe was covered in both blood and the blue hue. Dozens of guards stormed in to attack Alrik, assuming that without a weapon, he would give up, but that was far from the truth. Using his skeletal hand as a desperate weapon, Alrik killed several guards by ripping their weapons from the hue with his normal hand and stabbed through him with his other. He kept on going, until very few of the golden clad ponies remained, but then was suddenly stopped. He was above the ground, unable to escape, and almost screamed in horror at what had occurred to him. He was impaled through his heart. More guards arrived, stabbing Alrik through his body, but Alrik would have none of that, for he had made a decision. Since no one, even his god, could be trusted, they should be treated by thieves.
They should all die.

Alrik thought hard, his skeletal face contorting, and finally broke his jarids from the blue hues. Within moments, he slaughtered every pony below him without remorse as quick as he could, before seeing it. Before long, Alrik had run out of the place and away from the larger, blacker, beast that caused him so much fear. As he ran, he felt like it was looming over his shoulder, peeping into his soul. Peeping into his dreams...

Peeping into his nightmares.