• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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War Is Tiring

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Princess Celestia

The Princess smashed her face into her desk multiple times, repeating "Why?" each time. The General and the small messenger just stared at her, waiting for her to collect her senses.

"Are you sure?" The Princess asked of Multiberry Rush, the messenger, her head resting on her hooves.

"I am s-sure Princess," Multiberry said, his little body feeling embarrassed for seeing his Princess like this.

She let her head fall to the desk, tired, and said, "Why does there always have to be crazy scientists?"

She then turned to Multiberry, lifting her head lightly, and said, "Did you at least identify the type of abomination?"

"No my liege," the General said, "from the accounts he shared with us, there is nopony who has ever made a Metallic Ape-like Golem."

The Princess rested her head on the table for a few seconds, and then said, "What about the Shadow Bolts?"

"No feedback from their transmitters, my Liege," the General said, "but we are trying to force a communication through to their potential captors to at least see if they are alive, captured, and ransom-able."

The Princess laid there for some time, tired of all this warspeak, and said, "Go do you job, my little ponies,for I can't deal with this much longer."

The General tried to conceal a smile, "Then do I have full authority of the army?"

The Princess looked up, and said, "for now."

"I won't fail you Princess," he said, motioning for the messenger to follow him out, "now you just rest up for now, too."

The door shut, leaving the Princess alone in the silent room.

The General looked at the messenger, and asked, "War must be tiring after centuries of peace, right?"

"Yeah little bro, yeah," the messenger said.

"Says the little guy," the General said, his brother immediately going in for the kick, but the General ran off, saying, "We both have jobs to do!"

The messenger just smiled a bit, getting ready to go Mach 2 back to the burning city. Back to the abomination.


Alrik hovered there for some time, trying to figure out how to get down, when his left hand started to slip. Even though his might, the jarid slipped out of his grasp. He gasped, somewhat surprised, and reached for it like before, making it come to his hand. Except now it was lower that before. Noticing the pattern, Alrik slowly pulled back his right hand to his body, watching the jarid come down, too, and did the same to his left hand. He did this over and over, and each time he came closer to the ground, but then he realized something amazing. He was, literally, swimming through the air.

Then he wondered another thing, leading him to think about the other jarids in his bag, leading them, too, to levitate. He then let go of the jarids in his hand, thinking hard about the bag being full of them. The jarids slowly returned to the bag, leaving Alrik floating in the sky, only his bag of jarids that layed on his back keeping him steady. The thought lightly of having the jarids slowly lower themselves, and the bag (and him), to the ground.

He watched in amazement as he came closer to the ground. He was glad that the bag of jarids had a kind of holder for his jarids at the bottom, for if it didn't, he would have to paddle down to Earth, er, ground. After landing on the ground, he went to go collect his large sack of loot. He put a jarid in it, just so it could 'swim' with him and went back up to the balcony. He looked down on everything, and laughed at what he had forgotten. The two dragons were still alive.


Skywaar felt his bones chill when he watched the abomination levitate. This beast was so small, and could easily be fried, but as Skywaar was now, in chains and gagged (defenseless), there is nothing from stopping the beast. His only hope was that the beast had forgotten about them, but then it went to the balcony and laughed at me and my compatriot. He then proceeded to, lopsiddedly, levitate down again, his bag floating beside him, and came on top of me. He came onto my face, near my EYE, and looked me straight in the eye. He stared into my eyes for some time before whipping out his axe and levitating it before my eyes. He was rotating the floating object so it would make a wheel-like motion, and walked to my right eye...


After blinding the beast in the same way he himself was, Alrik proceeded down the unconscious, from shock, dragon's body until he reached the stomach and used his axe once more.

With his name now on the belly of the dragon he chose to live to tell the tale, he broke it chains and gagges by throwing a jarid and forcing it to 'swim' forward more. As he is sure these were invincible, as they were created by the same blacksmith that made Mjolnir, he was also sure they were strong. And he was right. In just that measly swim, the dragon was freed from the bonds it could not break. Alrik then looked at the other dragon, which now had a look of hope in its eyes, and thought for a bit.

After letting the engraved dragon loose, but still unconcious, and killing its two friends, Alrik felt proud of himself. he ripped some scales off the mighty beast he had killed, which had blackened from death for some reason, and stabbed his axe in it. With his axe firmly in there, just like old times, Alrik grabbed hold of it at an angle where it would never come out and got on the scale, which was about 3 square(ish) meters, and let the axe swim up into the air, pulling the scale and Alrik with it.

Alrik then proceeded to slowly try going foreward, but saw something approaching from the west. Alrik immediately swam his lootbag back up to him, putting it onto the scale, and thought hard. He thought harder than he ever had to think. He closed his eyes, the wind being far too much, and then opened them.

And he saw the most advanced city in his life, which had a sign that said something he could not understand.