• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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Alrik laid on the soft soil next to the flamboyant bush, his body parts slightly further away from each other, sleeping soundly after watching that hectic household throughout the day. The bush he laid next to had bright, white, flowers, so it matched with his skeletal appearance quite well, especially since Alrik's eyes are not on fire while he rests soundly. He doesn't make a sound while asleep, since he does not even need to breath, so he is able to hide in such plain sight throughout the night without moving. During the twilight before daybreak, though, Alrik was shockingly awoken by a prodding force accompanied a bright light and inquisitive sounds.

The pony said something in a questioning manner (where the last word is oddly emphasized), his voice hoarse. Alrik did not move, but instead, with his currently fire-less 'eyes' looked clearly at the pony shining a light atop him. The pony was the father of the household he was watching throughout the day, but Alrik, deep down, felt confused as to why the father was out here at twilight. 'Was I found out?' Alrik thought, concerned.

The father prodded a few more times, but after some prods, yawned loudly and said something softly, then finally trotted off back into his house. Alrik watched silently as he heard the couple argue as quietly as possible and cackled a small cackle when he saw the children at the household wake up. Alrik felt like he was watching a play before him, although he never went to a play in his life, and smiled lightly.

"I need a new hiding place," Alrik said lightly, his body giving off a transparent, black, glow as he rose back up, his eyes without flame, "for these ponies are a little more fun to watch than I thought."

Alrik swam his clothing back to his scale and then swam his axe to his left hand so he could swim onto the roof of the house next door, which was a two story with a chimney, and lay onto the left side of said chimney where he would not be disturbed while sleeping, but also be able to hear any commotion that went on in this new home. 'I guess I should relax a little,' Alrik thought, disassembling once more, 'at least until my infamy goes away completely,' Alrik's eyes went dim, 'Good thing that father could not tell what I was during the twilight,' Alrik's mind drifted into sleep.

Light, once again, went through Alrik's skull, onto his naked bones, and into his eyes, and awakened him. While his bones assembled, Alrik heard the early morning commotion of the family he was eavesdropping on, noticing one voice far higher in pitch than the others, which was probably a baby girl's, and a few more childish voices. Every now and then he heard the clacking of glass against glass, which meant they were eating breakfast. He also heard the caws of the large birds outside, which were flying around and looking at Alrik, thinking he was a delicious pre-dead meal, until they realized no meat was there and flew off.

'Wait, if a flying bird can see me,' Alrik worried, 'couldn't a tiny, flying, horse see me?'

Reacting immediately, Alrik quickly thought of places to hide, but still be able to hear the commotions going on in the house for the fun, and came up with an idea. Stealthily, Alrik disassembled his body until it was thin enough the fit through the chimney and quietly went into the house. The family was upstairs, eating, so they would not see him exiting the chimney and entering their house. Alrik reassembled himself into his full body and went into the nearest bedroom he could. The room was dirty, but as Alrik feared, the family had heard the door open and was sending someone down to investigate, their hooves clacking on the wooden stairs. Alrik made a quick motion and picked up the wooden drawer part of the drawer bed and hid underneath it by disassembling his body enough to fit in it, where nobody could ever find him. The pony, which had a feminine voice, trotted around her[?] room before leaving and closing the door.

Alrik sighed of relief and, because of the darkness, began to feel sleepy again, and after some time, he started to suspect that all his previous adventures were making him tired before, finally, allowing himself to sleep once more.

Princess Celestia

The great and regal Princess of the Sun was holding court. Her hair flowed as if a team of magicians were working on it at all times and her smile was motherly as ever. Her sister was the same, but seemed a little angry, based on the fact that her face was slightly red. They were both sitting, side by side, and looked at a black feathered gryphon who was the Gryphonic empire's ambassador.

"What did you just say?" Celestia said, a hair of her mane curling up in anger.

The ambassador shuffled his feet a little, "well, princess Celestia, er...," he looked at her with a stern face, "the Gryphonic Empire has declined your call to arms against the new King of the Changelings."

The Princesses' eyes twitch simultaneously, and then Luna says, "But doesn't that go against our allegiance?"

The ambassador staightened up, "But our empire is in shambles, and we barely have the public's support anymore!"


The ambassador retorted, "And we have no money, nor firepower, to fight more than one foe!"


"What threat? The changelings are only near your empire, not ours!"


"SIster, please," Celestia said, her right ear shot.

Luna subsided, then explained, "just one of those beasts was able to destroy the previous changeling empire! Although there is no connection to the one committing slaughter around the land currently, it seems that these beasts are trying to take over the world, and nothing can stop them except co-operation!"

"Then what are we to do?" the ambassador asked, "Send our troops overseas to die just to help you fight a single being?"

"Yes, please," the God of the Sun said, her powerful eyes pleading for help.

The ambassador was silent, and so were the princesses. After some time, the ambassador said, "I will try to convince my empress, but do not expect anything!"

The ambassador put on a bowler hat and flew out the building at lightning speeds, the sky booming with each powerful wing flap.

Celestia smiled for a little, then said, "Bring in the next pony!"

A pair of nobles walked in, bickering once more. They asked Celestia questions, only to reply to one another and bicker again and again, waiting to see a reaction from the princess to see who was right. Princess Celestia did not budge as they argued, so they excused themselves after two hours of rambling.

Celestia was thankful that her sister taught her to sleep with her eyes open.