• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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News Travels Fast


Alrik looked at the city, ready to go in mentally, but his body did not feel the same. He slowly lowered himself into a small forest below him, making sure none of the creatures of the land or sky saw him. The forest had outstandingly large trees in great abundance, each green and full of life. He lowered into the mid-branches of one of the bigger trees and let the scale balance itself on the large branches of both that tree and a connecting tree. Finally concealed and safe, Alrik stepped off his flying boat and laid down on the branch of the bigger tree, the trunk letting his head dip.

He slept and, in his dreams, realized something.

He opened his eyes as a beam of sunlight flashed into his face from behind the upper branches. It was now the next morning.

Alrik got up, feeling his well-rested bones slowly get into place, and then walked onto his flying boat. Grabbing hold of his axe, Alrik rose from the branches he hid in and went above the forest once more. He was now ready to enter the city.

He popped his shoulders, then quickly flew the flying boat to the tallest building in the city that seemed to have ponies on top of it. Each of them had horns, and swimming in the air near them were crossbows. Alrik slowed down, trying to listen to whatever negotiations may occur, and was pleased when a grey pony in blue armor and a golden outline came out in front with a crossbow shaped object with a relatively big conular front with a circle within instead of a crossbow's bolt firing mechanic. Alrik knew that there was to be no negotiations at that point, and thought, I do wonder what kind of weapon that is, before swimming a jarid into his hands. With all the crossbows aimed at him, he had only one choice.

Before any one of the beasts could talk or shoot, Alrik sailed through the air at speeds improbable right into their line of men, those in front killed from the sharp scale moving like a bolt. The others were shocked, and tried to shoot at Alrik, but he moved too fast. He sailed into and sliced many of the crossbow ponies, killing them all on contact, and smiled. This was far simpler than he thought, with his flying 'bolt' boat.

Alrik, seeing as the rooftop was now clear, got off his boat and removed his axe from it. He picked up his loot bag, and made it swim far into the air. So far that even he could not see the bag anymore.

With that out of the way, Alrik easily chopped down the metal door protecting the tall building, which was likely a kind of acropolis, and descended down the stairs, his axe always at the ready.

The stairway and hallway it led to were grey and blue, a grainy texture on the wall, and tiled floors of metal. To Alrik, it was one of the most beautiful places he has ever seen, but only because of what it must contain. This city was bigger, and shinier, than that city he had raided earlier, so it would make sense if they kept some glorious things in here, Alrik reasoned, beginning to walk down the corridors that had doors everywhere, but he did not bother to open them, for he could see what was inside from the glass by the doors that showed the rooms. Inside each room was cheap looking wood and lounging chairs, not worth carrying in a hostile building.

Alrik continued walking, until he realized something. The corners of each corridor had conspicuous bars with a red, blinking, light that seemed to follow him. He took out a jarid, which left him with three (the other is in the bag). Since it was about three feet long and an inch or two wide in diameter, the jarid is the perfect weapon for this close combat invasion, for anyone trying to run in a straight line in the corridor would be gone, Alrik thought, his smile showing his somewhat rotten teeth.

He prowled around, his jarid in hand, smashing every one of the freaky boxes he could find.

"Where are they?" Alrik slightly yelled in the empty corridor, his voice echoing throughout the floor.

The Punk, leader of M.A.T.O.

His skin-tight, pitch black with red swirls, and sun-shaded goggled suit and him were one in the same right now. Unlike other skintight, pitch black with red swirls, and sun-shaded goggled suits, his had granted him the ability to save lives without exposing himself, and his family, to the also hidden villains and monsters of the land. It granted him security, just like how his team's skin-tight suits gave them safety from mixing their public and heroic lives.

Every one of them was special, just like everything else, but there was one similarity between them. They hated how their town had become. The Punk, The Grounded, and the Grounder were not related by blood, but by ideals. The Punk was the leader of the bunch, The Grounded was the cleric with his thoroughly brown skin-tight suit, and The Grounder was the punisher of those who had done evil by inflicting brute justice down upon them without messing up his red with black swirls suit, but how they did those things had baffled the city's populace.

The Punk, a Pegasus, and the Grounder, a earth pony, had strength that nopony in the world could match, except each other, while the Grounded was a unicorn with the unnatural ability to heal anypony, as long as they were alive. At first, they were hated, ridiculed, and stomped on by the media, but now? Now they were considered the heroes of the city. They had fought off a dragon all by themselves, driving it away, all just a day ago!

Today, though, some small pegasus messenger had told Mayor Mayo that a beast capable of killing dragons in minutes was coming to kill us all. Of course, the mayor had laughed, sending the pegasus out and leaving a weak negotiating party to try to get this 'dragon-killing abomination' to go back home, for everyone in Equus knew to not dare attack them with their team.

But that seemed to be the biggest mistake of his career. In moments, a few disaster-filled minutes, many a mare had become a widow as their husbands died as honorably as one could when sliced to bits. He immediate asked his team, the Manehatten Anti-Terrorist Operators, to stop this menace.

And by all things related to Princess Sun, The Punk knew that he would beat this menace.

A war cry unheard by any echoed across the building as the team slowly marched up.

But if I knew I was to win, he thought, why do the bottom of my hooves sweat with such ferocity? What does my heart beat?

He continued to climb the stairs...


Alrik found a strange metal door, with some form of lock on it. He scoffed at the pad of strange symbols beside the door, and just smashed it down with his axe, making echoing noises that scratched at his eardrums before clanging to the ground. Looking past the door, his ear somewhat ringing, he saw downward stairs...

Princess Celestia

Hungry, Princess Celestia wandered to the lunchroom on the second floor, but she had to face one of her greatest adversaries before doing so. The B-Level stairs, which she had fallen down several times during Luna's banishment. The stairs would not claim her today, but someday. Someday very near...

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