• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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Two Stories Taller

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Although the dragons were possibly two stories taller than him, armored in scales, and probably had some sort of way of creating mass amounts of fire, Alrik was not afraid. Well, he was, but not as much as he was angry at the ruthless murders that these beasts caused today. So, he charged at them, but something was off about him. He felt lighter than normal in his gear, as if they were actually weightless, and he then made a realization. He had been blessed by Odin with enchantments of some sorts on his equipment. How nice of him, Alrik thought, maybe he could have me a binky, too, with that amount of trust.

Being only a few feet from them now, the gigantic beasts saw him. They looked humored, this small being charging at them, but then returned to tearing down a stone tower that was a part of a pair of twin stone towers that stored the wealth of the town. It seemed like a daunting task for them, for their claws just scrapped it with no effects, but it did distract them. Alrik the Strong barged into one of the towers quickly, yet was not caught, and was confronted with a locked, metal, door that led to the staircase. Alrik drew out his axe, feeling light and hard to the touch, and breathed in deeply. Using all his strength, Alrik the Strong, with some help from his godly axe, broke out a gap in the middle of the door wide enough for an arm or two. Alrik then unlocked the door from the inside, finally able to go up the stairs.

And what he saw was astounding.

There were piles upon piles of gold, gems, silver, currency, and other such things that shined and twinkled in the clean, white, room with two barred windows on the opposing sides. There was also a door that led to the balcony, but it was replaced with a pile of burnt cinder and a dragon's two middle claw. The claw of the dragon was fumbling about, hoping to grasp maybe a few trinkets or some good leverage, but to no avail. The building was too sturdy.

As the dragon drew his claws back, Alrik flung himself to the wall where the door once stood and kept out of the line of vision for a few more seconds. Alrik saw the eyelash of the creature penetrate the doorway.

The Dragon had not seen it coming.

Alrik quickly pulled out his enchanted jarids, putting one in both hands, and ran straight to the dragon, firmly grasping onto its vulnerable eye with sharp sticks. The eyelid immediately tried to shut as the dragon screamed in pain, but Alrik let the dragon have no rest. Alrik quickly pulled out his axe, hanging onto the dragon with one hand on a jarid, and cut the eye like butter once, making the dragon fling itself back in agony. Alrik nearly fell, but he had put his foot on the hard eyelid that tried to shut, then cut once more, making a 't' shape with the other cut. The dragon moved its gigantic arm to swat away Alrik, but it was dispatched when Alrik threw another jarid straight into its hand. He then cut one, last, line to make a trianglular incision. Swiftly, Alrik ripped out the inside of the triangle, and dove into the eye of the beast with magical weapons.

Alrik emerged from the eye while the beast laid on its back. He emerged with grey matter strewn around his body and blood coloring his armor. But most of all, he emerged victorious.


The other dragons watched on in fear as their friend was dismembered from the inside, powerless to halt the interior advance. Skywaar, too, was terrified. Perhaps they had just ran into one of the magical abominations that the magisters summon? No, they are far too dumb to maneuver that quickly, but what other answer was there?

The moment that being popped out of the back of Djaar's head, Skywaar felt his head pound in terror, about to crush the beast the best he could, but saw something that truly terrified him. Something all dragons have feared since the days of Luna.

The ponies of the night's sky, the Shadowbolts...


Alrik was shifting around in the brain matter, trying to find some gold currency he had dropped somewhere in the head. Happily, the brain was not that big, so he found the gold relatively quickly. He really did not know why the other dragon's weren't attacking him yet, so he peeked out at a little to see the big, red, dragon looking north-westish. Alrik looked that way too, but trees obscured his view.

Alrik collected the jarids that were lodged in the dragon's eye, cautiously watching the two still dragons looking NWish. They seemed afraid, but not of him.

Alrik shrugged, climbing back into the tower. He went behind a small counter in the tower, finding a large food bag. He quickly went upstairs and filled it with valuables. Gold, silver, diamonds, for-show weaponry, and several dozen pounds of currency littered the ground. Alrik fit as much as he could, loving the fact that everything was light.

"If I had this much money back home, I would be a king. Perhaps I can finish this journey soon enough," Alrik stated quietly to himself, shoving some extra currency in the tiny holes left. After finishing the shoving, a loud sound boomed across him. Alrik placed the bag on the ground, getting his axe and shield ready for anything, and looked out the balcony. He saw more of those flying abominations.

Alrik pulled out a jarid, watching the abominations fight the giant lizards, each looking silly, and almost laughed, but stopped himself before revealing his location. If I were to be a king, wouldn't it be nice to have some fame among the people or ponies, or things, thought Alrik.

One of the dragons fell, for two horses had quickly tied its legs while four distracted the two dragons. Then, they went after the other dragon, but something hilarious happened. Fire. More fire than Alrik had ever seen (except for that one time the forest burnt down, those each month a town burnt down, and those many times a castle burnt down).

Two of the six horses became soot, while the other four angrily restrained the second dragon. They put giant clamps on the dragon's mouth, securing them tightly, and looked proud. Then one looked dead. And before another could react, he gained a horn. The other two reacted, blasting to the tower where death fell, and went inside through the balcony, not seeing Alrik. Alrik was hidden behind his bag of money.

Dark Sunshine

"Warum ist das passiert?" one asked the other in a light, sobby, voice. Dark shook hiss head lightly, then returned to looking around for the young dragon that must be there. He looked behind him, out the balcony, and saw something.


Alrik laughed a bit, collecting the bodies of the two who went searching for him, throwing them out of the tower. He cleaned up his armor a bit, looking out of the balcony. He extended his hands to the jarids that were far down there, not wanting to walk back down to collect them.

He did not have to.

The jarids glowed like the mighty eyes of Loki, and blasted to his hands. He looked somewhat surprised, but felt more enthusiastic. He laughed even harder, his palm on his face, but then had a quizzical face. With a jarid in each hand, Alrik jumped off the roof.

And floated.