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Aerospace Engineer that sacrificed his writing for education. Worth it, but I want to continue writing again! Da pacem domine.


I saw a bright light, dazzling and beautiful, but it was not for me.

I turned away from the light, its pure love pushing me towards something else. Something I wanted.

Another chance. A better chance.

I have no idea where I am going, but I do know that it is better than where I was going.

What am I getting myself into?

(A/N: I am looking for cover art, if you crazy artists are up for it!)

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(I will post Author's notes down here from now on.)

A/N: So, how was this concoction made when I was sorta sick on Thanksgiving? I have no idea why I made this, for it will make my other stories a little longer to finish, but I wanted to do it so myeh.:derpytongue2:

This will follow the life of Lemon Sour, each chapter placing a time in his newfound life.

He has no idea what he is in for. :trollestia:

!Post CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!

Moar. I can happily say I have no idea what's going on [but in a good way!], the intro to fallout 3 is playing in my mind, and I offer you a complimentary mug of vodka for writing a story that doesn't suck!

I agree with aforementioned. Less talk, more awesome. Sigh I can only imagine the great many things that could happen. Its scary to think about. that being said. Upvote and favorited


Ooh, very interesting synopsis. I will add this to my read it later list.:twilightsmile:

You can clearly write well, but I have a number of personal issues with the story.

It feels like to me that you are trying too hard to be poetic and intelligent when you are writing, and it gives me a whole lot of the "trying too hard" vibe. And although you do describe things in a very interesting way, things seemed to not have as much explanation of what was really happening as I would have liked.

In the end, I do not really dislike the story, but at the same time I cant bring myself to like it.

Try not to take my comment personally, I am hardly an expert.

1672377 Lol, I made this while sick, so I probably DID try too hard :derpytongue2:

Have a good night, my friend.:pinkiehappy:

1672042>>1671980>>1671690 Thank you guys.:pinkiehappy:

There will be many great things to come, but for now he is still a baby, so do not expect anything humongous to happen soon.

There will be many things that ill happen soon though, so watch out for them!:pinkiesmile:

awww :fluttercry:
Well, like always, I'll be in the shadow waiting for the next chapter! :pinkiesmile:

Aahh right in the heart went from happy to downright sad you are a true writer

1676935>>1673552 I know you guys like my stories, but there is one thing I am trying to improve on.

Ways to end a chapter.

It feels like every time I try, my mind tells me to continue the chapter... even if it might be over my set limit (This story's is about 2K-3K words.)

Oh well, I can only improve :twilightsheepish:!

North to space! Obviously!

Damnit. I didnt like to see the parents die like that. But still it was good

To ponyville pr canterlot away! Sp one thing that's been sitting in the back of my head is, is he gonna turn into an alicorn when he reaches what was the age 20? Or is he just going to look the same, and will celestia, Luna, or twilight notice something strange about him besides being raised by apes?

1682163 All will be revealed shortly.

1681980 The parents would have aged and died anyways.:ajsmug:

1681663 Space? No, but it will be revealed shortly.:pinkiehappy:

Thank you guys for the support and stuff. You guys are awesome!:yay:

Well yeah but you could have waited a year or two.You know not something as sudden as a Si Addle rainstorm. Dont get me wrong its amazing but it could have been drawn out more. just saying

1686850 I just felt like going straight to his 11 year old self (Do math, he is 11 right now), but do not worry, for there will be no gaps in time after this.:pinkiehappy:

Okay. Oh and Im going to have to take your word on that... I wasnt there that particular day they taught us basic math..... :trollestia:

1697320 School is pushing me back :twilightangry2:

I promise that (unless I am ill) I will write one on the weekend.

Oh god he just killed a guard didn't he:facehoof:

1728059 Yep :pinkiehappy:! Sorry this chapter was a bit late, I was sick!

1728099 well lemon ya done screwed up... How you gonna get out of this one:unsuresweetie:

1733042 remember where he killed a guard in his old life? (Waiting...)

Sorry for this short chapter, but at least it is something. On this comment, I will list what held me up on every chapter from this point onwards:

Infiltration: Testing week + Family = Absolute confusion.:rainbowhuh:

Uh-Oh: Family + Christmas = Nothing productive done at all.

(Joke) Alt. Title: Could This Be Not A Dark Fanfiction?

1804937 My friend, let me tell you this: This story may seem happy now, but just wait a bit, for I like my darkness to be launched randomly. :trollestia:

Mmm-hmm, now show me your degree in medicine so I can confirm you're a "Timemaster".

1804970 *Conjures a degree out of nothing using a simple pencil.* :trollestia:

OK... Now, tell me, what number between one and thirteen are you? And do you happen to own a blue phone booth?

1805001 I am none of those Time Lords! They keep on crashing into my friend's Delorean when they jump! I use a banana to travel through time.:pinkiesmile:

Oh, sorry, I thought you were somebody else.

I must ask when is the next chapter because I require more

1805513 Weekly chapters, but some weeks can have 2 chapters... I am indecisive:derpyderp2:

good one you have my fav :pinkiehappy:

Hmm a intreasting twist

I am so, so sorry about these late chapters:pinkiesad2:

My family has been visiting a lot lately, especially my little cousins...

I was kicked out of my own room by my parents because the kids needed a room to play.:twilightangry2:

Now though, I am back to make more chapters.:twilightsmile:

1893166It feels good to be back.

Random.org says #1 so Card A as well

1924490>>1928867 Card A it is! Expect the chapter to be finished on Monday, for this cold has infected me :pinkiesick: , but I will persevere!

....not sure how i feel about this

1963204 Not really, for I said it has a path a vehicle can fit on and the Everfree in th show had a pretty small path, but nice guess :twilightsheepish:

1963285 Truthfully, I don't either. As I have said a few times before, I am sick, so I have weak judgement. If you dislike anything, no matter how small, tell me and I MAY consider changing. I already know I suck at chapter endings, so find something else (Like maybe the way I write?) :pinkiehappy:

1966475 well if you need someone to bounce ideas off of msg me

1966588 I will be sure to do that :pinkiesmile:

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