• Published 24th Nov 2012
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Could this be paradise? - Timemaster

I stand before a fire, chilling my bones, but a light suddenly gives me a choice...

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Pipe dreams. (Short chapter. Sick)

My body feels sore all over, seeming to squeeze my muscles to a small extent, for I felt weaker.

It may have just been the soreness, but as I try to open my eyes, I feel a significant amount of pain in my eye lids, causing me to squint.

Using my squinted eyes, I look around me for any sign of the dracolich I had saved some-time ago...

But only see a seemingly never-ending forest beside a gigantic mountain.


"What time is it?" I say, my throat seeming the same, albeit hurt. I look upwards, hoping to see some sign of the sun, but instead, I saw a glistening moon...

Meaning I have been out this entire day, or more.

"Ugh." I groan, moving from my spot, hearing *pops* from all over my body.

'I wonder where that dracolich is...'



I hear mumbling from where the snapping sound came from. The way they spoke reminded me of the 'Royal Guard' ponies...

'... I should get out of here.'

Moving even more upward, my hindhooves touch the ground. I attempt to take one step, and succeed, but feel a great pain from it.

"Urk!" I yelled silently, hopefully not attracting the attention of...

"Hey! Who's there?!" a loud, gruff voice said.

I point my hoof in his direction, trying to make a cloak of magic to prevent him from seeing me, and concentrate.

... And concentrating did nothing.

Not a single spark of magic left my hoof.

I just stare at my hoof in surprise, mouth agape.

"Hey!?" said the voice again.

I needed to do the most stallion-like thing I could think of to evade this guard. Something with class so high, every mortal being wants to do it secretly.

I crouched, aiming my body directly at the voice and...

Ran in the opposite direction.

"What is that noise?" I heard before leaving his field of sight...

But not for long.

The guard cast a magical field, cascading around the entire area around me.

Now in a heap of pure fear, I jump into the nearest hole I could find...

Only to land into a pipe. But not any pipe, I landed in a sewage pipe, rusted and abandoned.

There is light on the other side of this pipe, but I think it would be safer to stay out of sight for some time and not just escape into the outside. I am sure the guard has eyes.

My teeth slightly chatter, just now feeling the coldness of metal that surrounded me. My nose slightly curled up, just happy that this wretched smell was not a 'fresh smell'.

I am so tired...

I take out Mr. Bubblepants, happy that he is not in harm, and hug him slightly.

I felt so tired...

The air is dry, but the sky was pure gray, making the world seem darker around me. Coal and burnt wood float through the air to my nostrils, making me feel dirty from the inside-out, but it was normal.

Times never change in this world of oddities, for people always fly around on their boards, hoping to go into boxes that look all the same.

Everytime I walk this path to my house, all I see are houses just like mine. There is a green one, a pink one, a blue one, and a yellow one. They're all made by the government and they all look the same.

The people in this country, themselves, are not very different. There are doctors, lawyers, and business executives who each came from large boxes called 'universities' when they graduated from the smaller, colorful boxes of 'grade school'.

This land is so boring.

I notice a small crunching sound underneath my feet, meaning I am walking.

Walking to my home.

My neighbors, who are twins, wave at me, just as they do everyday. I wave back, for it is routine, and get out my keys.They feel cold, but that is just how it is.

This world is much colder than it is supposed to be from The Plan, but at least we did not melt.

Grabbing the lock, I insert the key, making a sound that I remember so well... because I have heard it everyday for fifty years.

"I am home." I say opening the door, yawning as routine. I close the door softly behind me, ready to get to my 'homework' and finally finish it.

I take off my heavy clothing, which had included many things like; A heavy, black, undercoat; A large gray coat; A large black hoodie; Lumberjack pants; and my 'Heavy Duty' underwear. I then put on my casual t-shirt and underpants to begin the routine.

For this one last time

I wake up drowsy, unable to remember much about the dream other than 'home'. Home looked nothing like my home, which is the biggest hut the gorillas own, but much more like a home I saw in Canterlot.. without color.


I am still tired and fear that that the ponies may be outside still, so I go back to sleep...

The time is now.

This routine is going to end by my hands, and my hands only, for I am going to do something stupid. Something so stupid that no human on our planet will forget, or forgive, me.

I am going straight for the king...

"Where is he?" bellowed a guard, seemingly old.

I have been hiding in the same spot for four days now. Inside an abandoned (and clean?) sewer.

"I could've sworn I heard something over here, Captain." said a much younger guard, hoofsteps becoming louder.

I have no way of escape anymore.

"Come on out Sour Lemon, we know you were the one who freed that monster!" said the old guard, hoofsteps growing louder by the step.

They know where I am. All I can do now is hold still and hope that they, and all the ponies who have seen me, would forget me and move on their merry way.




... Go away...




"I can't see him, Captain!" said the younger one.

Oh thank... Celestia? I look a little down, seeing a slight reflection of my tooth.Isn't she the pony who commands these ponies to chase me? Isn't she the one who wants me behind bars for what I did?

I start to shake, knowing I am just going paranoid.

I mean, Celestia doesn't actually want MY hooves in chains... Right?


*Clank* goes a peice of metal above me, whamming into my skull, making me go face-first into the metal BELOW me as well.

I lose all feeling again, but this time I fear I could wake up in chains...

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