• Published 24th Nov 2012
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Could this be paradise? - Timemaster

I stand before a fire, chilling my bones, but a light suddenly gives me a choice...

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A Grave Situation.

The shattering of glass echos throughout my eardrums, waking me up from my dream. I know not where I am, but something is extremely off. An odd smell is emitting out of the area behind me, but as I look back, I only see a wall. I see many things graphed onto this wall, but it is too dark in this room to read them. I raise my hand to feel them, to see if I can decipher by touch what they mean. The wall is filled with gaps, making deciphering impossible. The wall itself feels grainy, as if they put no effort in constructing this wall.

The question of my location remained unanswered, making me jitter in fear. This was, quite possibly, worse than the dracolich, for at least he was kind-ish.

In a fit of panic, fear, and my slight hope of everything, I start banging on the walls, hoping someone would come to my aid.

*Pound* I went onto the wall behind me.

The first wall gave no answer, so I move onto the next wall, the one to my left, and bang on that one.

*Po-oound~* Echoed the wall.

'Huh?' I thought, looking at the echoing wall,'How thin is this wall?' I asked, still hearing the echo.

I am about to bang on it once more, but a voice booms into my ears.

"Stop bangin' on those walls, scum, for no pony can hear you except me." A brash, loud voice said to me, seeming to come from all directions.

"W-," I grab my neck, noticing it is covered completely by some collar, paining when I speak.

The pony(?) laughs throughout the room,"Uh- uh-uh, no speaking."

I just look around, my eyes becoming used to the darkness. All of the walls look the same, each with the bumps, cracks, and other assortments strewn about them, except one.

The one behind me.

The one behind me was seemingly thicker than the rest of the walls, so I start pushing onto it, hoping it was a door.

"Urk!" I went, my entire body being fried.

The pony(?) yet again laughs, "You messed with us, so you are going to get what you deserve when we arrive."

'Us?' I questioned myself,'Who does he-'

That is when it hit me once again.

The guard.

The guard I had killed, the murder I have been trying to say did not matter. The one I have been holding back on.

I try to cry, but no tears came out. I tried to scream, but pain erupted through my body. I couldn't even move anymore.

This world is a peaceful one, where even criminals are treated kindly, but if I am being tortured like this, it meant only one thing. I was going to be executed. I was going to die...

'No.' I started to pull onto the collar, through the pain, 'No no no no...' I tug even harder, pulling my muscles and paining myself while being electrocuted from the inside.

I did not care if I felt pain, for pain is less than death.

"NO!" I scream, ripping off the collar.

"Huh?" said the pony(?).

"Help! i think I am having a heart att-" *Fake cough*

The pony(?) gasped, "Don't you dare die before I kill you!" he said.

I hear him walk towards the thick door, hoping that this would work, and ready my muscles. They have been asleep for so long, but my life itself is on the line, so it quickly tenses up.

*Clank* went a lock, meaning he was in front of the door. I continue to fake cough, crouching downwards, ready for my plan.

"You better not-"

I release my muscles, leaping into the air with all my might, hearing a loud crunch beneath my hooves as I begin to descend. My hooves are in pain, but this hurts him much more than it hurts me. As I land, I quickly turn towards my opponent, noticing a few things.

1) This was a gryphon, not a pony.

2) She is a woman.

3) She has an odd uniform, seeming to have multiple pockets not in use, a large badge with some symbols on it, and a large, silver object.

She is holding her beak, surprised at my attack. She stares at me, her claw slowly reaching for the silver object on her side.

"I think this cannot end with us being friends, can it?" I ask, grinning at her. I will not lose, even without something important...

She grabs the silver object, with only one claw, and points it towards me, shouting, "Die you prick!"

She reaches for a small trigger in the middle of the silver object, but I do not let her finish, "General Guerrilla's legendary attacks!" I scream, laughing.

I quickly run in front of her, which my posture allows me to have the advantage. Since I am standing up straight, The General's attacks will be easy to duplicate.

I swing my hoof towards the spot right behind her beak, but she quickly grabs my hand. Just what I wanted. With both of her hands full, one with the object and the other with my hand, I thrust my left hoof towards her stomach, feeling a loud crunch as I do so...

A crunch?

I look towards her stomach and I cannot believe what I saw. My ENTIRE hoof had gone through her rib cage... meaning I had killed another living being...

"... I am so sorry..." I say, her object clattering to the ground and loosening her claw's grip on my hoof. Blood is being coughed up from her, tears evident on her face...

But I feel no remorse for what I had done.

She began to feel colder. Her life force seeming to weaken in my grasp.

I do not know how long I stayed like that, but I know she was dead for quite awhile before I removed my hoof. I slowly laid her unto the ground, closing her open eyes. I know what I must do, though it pains me to do such a thing without it...

Without my horn.

I never stopped to think about it, but the dracolich taking my horn is odd.

Anyways, I crouch downwards, grabbing her uniform and undressed her. I felt horrible about undressing her, but not killing her, which is odd.

Searching through her belongings, I find a keycard, A map, keys, and, of course, her silver object. I let her keep her clothing and the object, figuring something weird out. The thing I was being transported in seemed to float off the ground... This thing levitated.

Taking out the keys, I open the door, finding a small box on top of the dash board (Named after the inventor, Gorilla Glu told me many inventors) with the same key hole as the door. I unlock it and nearly cry.

This entire time, I did not notice I was absolutely stark naked, until now. I take my vest, opening Mr. Bubblepant's zipper... only to not find him.

I exit the vehicle, anger in my mind, and walk up to the gryphon lady... and smash her head in with a stone.

I now am on the road again, my new map out, following a conspicuous trail on said map, and my old vest on. Driving without magic is hard for me, but I guess I am getting the hang of it.

"Always look on the something- something ..." I laugh, smirking down the long, dirt path.

I smile, heading down a long, treefilled forest path...

Not knowing that this was a bad idea.

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