• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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Tough Crowd

Author's Note:

SO many tests that I cannot write as well as I'd like, but I hope you guys like this chapter!☺

See you guys soon, for there are finals coming. If I had a sad smiley, I would give it.


Alrik entered the bubble into a space behind a rather large building. The building was noticeably clean and white, but due to the sun slowly lowering to nothing, it was almost completely concealed in the light shadow of the bubble. To his left, Alrik saw a way to a main road and a few sleeping ponies leaning against the building. To his right was more alleyways that probably lead to another street down their paths. Alrik then put his hand behind his skull, 'should I be stealthy?', he thought heavily for a few seconds, drawing conclusions and strategies to avoid death...

' but I am invincible!' Alrik said with a smile, while his eye sockets glowed lightly.

Alrik revolved his jarids around his body, walking past the sleeping ponies that smelled of liquor and shame without waking one, and marched through one last turn alleyway before stopping on the exit to the street. Looking up and down the street, he saw it was eerily empty, not a horse in sight. 'How could the capital be this quiet? ' Alrik thought, arming himself with his shield and axe. He listened quietly for even the slightest murmur...


But, the homeless ruined his plan to listen with their aggravating sounds. He decided to walk onto the street, looking carefully at the windows, letting his jarids [whirr] around him quietly with every rotation. When he looked up and down the road, he could see nothing, as it kept getting darker the further he looked into this town. Alrik observes the unlit streetlamps on these streets, wondering if this is the same place that shone brightly not even an few hours ago.

Alrik's non-existent neck hairs were erect with anticipation.

The Punk, leader of nothing...

The Punk woke up, his eyes blurry and swollen. Pain jolted throughout his body as he attempted to rise from his pitiful rest. Even with his enhanced strength, he proved incapable of getting up from the floor. Why am I here? he asked, turning his head to the left. He saw a white and gold blob in the darkness. As it is the only thing he could make out, he used what was left of his arm strength to crawl over to the blob.

Even while next to the blob, he could not make it out in this darkness. He opted to rest a little, stretching himself on the floor near the blob, awaiting to be found. He closed his eyes, and slowly, but surely, went to sleep...


Alrik walked for a few miles, finding nothing but closed, pitch-black, and even broken, buildings. Debris was scattered across the streets in a peculiar way. Picking up a piece of debris, Alrik noted that the debris was strangely shiny, like freshly melted metal.

Alrik lifted his head to the sound of Thor's hammer, looking straight at the castle, which was, too, dark. Off in the distance, near the large castle, Alrik could see something rather strange—a single pony fluttering around the castle, chasing something. 'What?' Alrik thought as he used his swimming ax to lift himself onto a low roof. After landing, Alrik looked closer at the scene far over there, and noticed that the being being chased looked like a pony, but something was off.


The roof Alrik was standing upon collapsed under his weight. Alrik heard a screech as he landed, and saw something mildly disturbing. A pony with holes in its body looked at the fallen Alrik in a horrified fashion, and after a second of looking at one another, its horn glowed a green hue. Alrik rose, his armaments swimming to their positions before the beast fired its shot, which was blocked by Alrik's shield. With his eyes closed to protect him from gore, Alrik calmly thought of his jarids, which were floating above the hole sleepily, piercing the body of the beast, and just like that, when he opened his eyes, the beast was dead. Alrik was covered in green blood, but happily his armor blocked all of it from sticking to his body. letting his ax float in the air, Alrik rubbed the front of his skull, feeling a slight burn on his hand as he did so.

He looked at his hand, seeing that it, too, has started to deteriorate like his head. Was it because of that beast? Alrik thought angrily, his 'blood' boiling. He clenched his hand, still able to feel from it, and felt relief. He grabbed hold of his ax and swam into the sky again. It was harder to keep grip, but he felt strong today. Or, at least, he thought,strong enough to exterminate those vermin. Alrik chuckled, letting his jarids revolve around him in a fast, non-linear, craze. He spat on the corpse from up in the sky before flying toward the two flying beings outside the castle.

But, before he could confront the two fighting beasts, he was met with a wall of twenty, or maybe fifty, of those hole-pony beasts.

"Stillstand!" the ponies said simultaneously in a loud, authoritative, voice.

"Whatever order you just gave me," Alrik said, his deteriorating left hand itching, "I do not follow."

With a smile, Alrik watched as the small battalion oozed green as each and every one of there bodies were pierced with jarids that swam at intense speeds. With them dead on the ground, Alrik continued his way towards the castle, but then, surprisingly, he was knocked to the floor with a large force...