• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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Well then...

Author's Note:

Short chapter. Test tomorrow. Wish me luck! ♥☺♥


After washing out his bloody skull, Alrik placed his helmet upon his skull. He was missing a few teeth, but only enough to seem strong. He went upon his mighty boat of the sky, making his two bags of loot swim gracefully to his boat's sailing. Off in the distance, something he could hardly believe he saw, was fuzzy and hard to see. In this darkening evening, though, he could see the light emanating from behind a small mountain. The lights were bright and glamorous, bringing the previous city he was in to shame, and had some sort of aura around it. It was like it was just begging to be raided and destroyed.

"What could be hidden in there," Alrik said in the horrified voice of the damned, 'smiling' , a small chant his English friend once said,"money to spend, gold to bribe with, jewels to steal... power to be my own?"

Alrik laughed, his teeth clattering together in an absurdly loud fashion while he swam towards it with great haste. The air whisted through Alrik's skull, producing a high-pitched sound that lasted until a rather large *kaboom* occured. After that, there was no sound. Although he forgot to dry, he was happy to find that the speed air-dried him. After only a minute or two, Alrik arrived a few kilometers from the city. The rather large city seemed to be covered in a big, yellow, bubble of sorts. Alrik did not mind, for he was not going to break in. That would be stupid.

He lands behind a rather large rock, making sure no horses in armor saw him. Alrik removed his axe from the boat, letting it gently crash into the ground, and then swam his shield to his right arm. He swam his bag of gold and jewels to the top of the mountain, stabbing it at the very tip, he then grabbed the other bag and proceeded to open it. Happily, the pony inside was not dead nor rotting like Alrik, which made Alrik 'smile'. He took the jarid from the bag and swam it back to its rightful place before grabbing the pony with his right hand, by the neck, and pulling him out the bag.

Alrik walked out from behind cover, the pony in his grasp, and watched the surprised and horrified looks on the guards through the torches' reflections. Within a minute, they spoke gibberish to him, and one tried to raise his crossbow. The moment he raised it, however, Alrik noticeably gripped the unconscious pony's neck harder. The guard, too scared to let an innocent die, let down his crossbow. Alrik motioned, with his axe, for the others to do the same. The group of three did so, although begrudgingly, lower their weapons to the ground and canceled their magic auras. Alrik loosened his grip a little, showing honor, and pointed to the city with his axe. The ponies looked at him funny, some of them shaking their heads with disapproval while others say gibberish, but this just agitated Alrik. The grip became tighter.

The guards saw the danger, and so they complied. They walked towards the bubble, Alrik following with the pony's life dangling in his fingertips. Alrik watched cautiously for traps, but spotted none through the journey. The day was windy, though, so he could not know what was hiding in the shadows of the land before him.

When they reached the bubble, the guards stared at him. They were in a secluded place, where no guard stations were in sight, so Alrik complied and dropped the pony. The guards then opened the bubble... and fulfilled their duty.

And now they can all die.

With a single thought, Alrik swam the jarids in his back out of their holsters and up into the air. Before any of the guards, who looked on in shock, could react, Alrik sent the jarids straight into their vitals—two of them were stabbed through the gap between the helmet and any other helpful body part while the other was jabbed through the neck. To ensure their deaths, though, Alrik swam the jarids throughout their bodies, riddling them with holes the diameter of delicious carrots. Alrik smiled and laughed quietly, looking back down on his prisoner. The pony was still unconscious, thankfully, and Alrik owed him some for being bait to kill bigger fish.

Alrik walked through the bubble, leaving the pony alive within arms reach of the dead...