• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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Killing Ground

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Alrik had no clue as to how long he had been running until he rammed into the side of the city-wide barrier and crashed into the ground, hitting his skull hard on the pavement. With the sudden trauma, Alrik realized how cowardly he was being, and stood up, composed. He turned around, facing the direction of which he ran from, and saw it off in the distance. It was like the horses that were fighting in the sky, but seemed to have a strange governance over Alrik's mind.

"Törichte Untoten," the beast said loudly, causing Alrik to stiffen up, "Haben Sie keine Scham?"

The beast flew, quickly, to Alrik. Alrik attempted to ready up his weaponry, but his armaments were lifted up in a deep, dark, blue glow. Unlike the guards, though, Alrik was not able to rip them away. The beast stood in front of Alrik, whose skeletal face was quivering in a strange, uncontrollable, fear. 'Is this where I die?' Alrik thought for a second... and then he laughed, which confused that which he was so afraid of a mere second ago.

"I AM ALREADY DEAD!" Alrik screamed, laughter in his red, fiery eyes, into the face of the loud creature before stabbing it in the eyes in a single motion with his skeletal hand, which was seeming sharpened by the green magic melting the tips.

The beast screamed as blood ran down its face, not prepared to this disgraceful tactic. Her horn stopped glowing, releasing Alrik's armaments from its grasps. In a moment, Alrik thought of the beast, and how it would look like with some extra holes going through its sides. The jarids flew at incredulous speeds, but were caught, again, by the now deep-dark blue glow. Although it could not see Alrik, it sent all of Alrik's jarids through Alrik himself, riddling him with holes. Alrik flopped to the ground, chunks of his remaining flesh and bone gone. He attempted to scream in terror, but his jaw was destroyed before anything could come out. Alrik felt no pain, no agony, but he still felt fear. The beast walked on top of Alrik, readying the finishing blow with the moon glistening behind it, but it was suddenly flung into the barrier by a strange, green, glow. The beast got up again, facing some other black beast, and they began to fight. Alrik finally had his chance.

He grabbed his armaments once more, but this time he used his shield to help move himself, for his legs were shattered. He grabbed onto the straps and had his other armaments swim into their holsters. Using the shield as an umbrella again, Alrik finally slipped past the barrier and out to the world. He quickly, and stealthily, flew back to where he stashed his loot and boat. stabbing his axe into the boat, Alrik heaved his body onto it. With his loot on his tail, and his heart (which was stabbed through, too), calming, Alrik flew straight to the lake where he had once been.

Princess Luna

With the queen of the changelings under her hoof, unconscious, Luna walked back to where the un-dead beast was. Was. When Luna looked, her eyes grew a little as she saw something amazing—the beast easily go through the barrier right in front of her. She could have stopped it, but she was in too much awe, for even the changelings never saw a magic-field's weakness, and by the time she realized her mistake... it had disappeared to the outside. Seeing how the beast had actually been reported to have killed a few of the changelings, she believed he was acting alone. Her sister, injured, flew down to regroup with Luna. Her horn and wings were scorched. 'But with some magic and time they can heal,' Luna thought, calming herself.They stared at each other's wounds silently in the dim light for awhile.

"Sister," Celestia asked, "what happened to your eyes?"

Celestia approached Luna, her horn casting a light healing spell.

"I was attacked by an undead, sister," Luna said, trying to keep still while her sister repaired her eye. Celestia looked at Luna with a surprised face.

"I thought you had domain over all undead, sister," Celestia said worrying, before shuddering, "or has another li-"

"No," Luna said, cutting off her sister, "I have sensed no more of their kind since," Luna shuddered, "that battle."

Celestia finished up the healing and wrapped her wing around her shuddering sister, "and I hope no more come."

Luna shivered, the memory of those beasts burning her mind. They were the perfect undead... they were...

Grand Lich Johan, 5000 years ago

Johan sat upon his throne of eternal green life. Plants of all sorts culminated together to create a small pyramid, where Johan's throne rested at the top. The throne itself was a dead, decaying grey, but all around it was the lively plants. Around his throne was a dense forest of his creation. Here, he had made creatures of prehistoric times rise back to life, and easily smashed the resistance of the tribal nations around.

An army of Alicorns faced Johan, his undead army smashed to bits and desecrated once more. The leader of the Alicorns, a strong-willed king, ascended the steps to Johan's throne. His name was Carolus Rex, a feared and revered name to anypony. Carolus walked up the steps, confident that Johan would surrender...

Which is why he was confused when he seemed to tumble down, his head hitting the steps, but yet felt none of his body weight. He watched his family and friends scream in horror as his beheaded body turned to them. He watched as his old body crushed him under his own hooves.

Johan laughed, reassembling the king's head and placing it upon the old body. It was just a skull now, floating above the body, and the king's eyes glowed as red as the blood of his family as he slaughtered them one by one...