• Published 16th Mar 2014
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A Norseman Raids Equestria - Timemaster

In the ninth century, the renowned and feared viking, Alrik the Strong, had finally set sail back to his home in Scandinavia. After a successful expedition in the Americas, his ship capsized, sending all of them to Valhalla, except one. Alrik.

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Author's Note:

I do not think this is written well, but I have to study a lot lately, so here is my first draft that will be edited. Thanks for reading my story so far! Can't wait to both edit this and write the next thrilling adventure of Alrik!☺


The wind bellows loudly as Alrik swam through the air at incredulous speeds. He had not seen a city in some time, or even a village, and he certainly did not want to rest in the forests that lay below him, but even though they had a horrifying amount of thick, green, trees that may be hiding something, for what wouldn't want to kill him in this strange world, but he knew he should rest soon, so he continued on, looking for a thinner amount of forest to rest in.

After two hours, Alrik found a body of water that he judged to be a lake, a clear one at that. He hovered over the water, and quickly dipped himself into the water, emerging cleaner, refreshing him. His boat sailed to the shore, landing on a small, sandy part of the lake. his neck hairs (and beard hairs) tingled for some odd reason as he landed, so taking this as a sign of trouble, he swam a jarid into his hand...

But, after waiting a few minutes, nothing happened. Just to be sure, though, Alrik walked over to the clear, reflective, lake and peered into the water. He saw some fish in the distance, swimming rapidly around the lake, being followed by a shadow within the lake that may be a bigger fish. The shadow would be quite worrying to anyone, but boring compared to what happened earlier this day. His hand over his mouth, Alrik yawned heavily, his face gravitating down, opened his eyes, and yelled, louder than a wife learning she'd become a widow, before jumping away from the horror.

Empress Hilda of the Gryphonic Empire

Hilda had no clue what to do. One one side, her fond alliance with the Equestrian Empire was calling her to war, while on the other, she was already in a major civil war between them and the "Gryphonic Republic". She laid on her roost embroidered with only the richest of jewels her navy could take. She never really knew where the jewels came from, but that did not matter much compared to the travesty of having to pick between death of her nation or the fall of her allies' nations.

She got up. That's right... Equestria is also allied with the United Tribes of Zebrakind... surely, they can stop this war without our interference, right?

"So," the pony messenger in plaid said, nearly scaring the egg out of Hilda, who forgot he was there, "will you assist us, your excellency?"

If only ponies were not this cute, she thought, looking at the lean, white, and nicely dressed stallion before her, it would make decisions far easier.

She opened her beak, only to cough embarrassingly. She wiped her beak, a little red, and then she opened her beak again...


Alrik grasped his face, rubbing his face, his mind racing. He got back up, trying to calm down, but felt the tingling again. He looked out further unto the lake, and saw the shadow begin to rise with two more shadows following it. Water dispersed as the three-headed beast ascended from the lake, at the other end, and a heavy hiss echoed. Alrik quickly swam his shield and axe to his hand.

Alrik grunted lightly, and swam the axe to his left. He arced the swim, slicing all three of the beast's heads off. He almost smiled as it fell into the water, but felt revolted at its' strange purple blood. He swam the axe back to his left hand, and walked back to the shore of the lake, looking back into the water again. He rubbed his head, feeling sickened at it. He took off he helmet, combed at his wet and thin beard, and peeled off the remaining bloody flesh and threw it into the lake. Somehow, he had not noticed he did not have a tongue, or gums. Truly, this was not that weird to Alrik, since he was dead, but it would have been nice if, Alrik thought, Odin at least warned I would become a skeleton.

Alrik, disgusted in his appearance, put his helmet back on, but still had to look at his ghoulish, eternal, grin that the dead have. He stood there for a minute, admiring how his skull was able to move without assistance from muscles, and chuckled. I am even whiter than a queen, he thought. Alrik slowly removed his chest armor, and tried to rip off his chest's flesh, but it would not come off. Putting his armor back on, Alrik reached for his neck, and ripped it off—bone and all. Looked quite strange, a skull floating above a Norseman's headless body, but it did not really matter to Alrik. It just scarred him for un-life, is all.

All he knew was that he looked even more intimidating, and that would help in ruling these horses by force.

Alrik laughed loudly, even while noticing his echoed voice. It sounded like any Norse's, but there was a clacking sound with every laugh. This made Alrik laugh harder, causing him to look to water again. His eyeballs fell out into the lake, and he watched them bob for while until a shadow was cast over the water. Alrik got his axe and shield at the ready, and used his shield to swim up and over a head that tried to snatch him. While flying over the heads, Alrik swam his axe in an arced pattern once more, sliced off all six heads, and hovered above the beast by standing on his shield. He watched as the new heads began to sprout in admiration, but almost fell when the beast roared a terrifying call from all twelve of its heads. Alrik laughed, and sliced off the twelve heads with the swimming of his axe.

"How many times can you do this," Alrik said, laughing again, "I mean, it must be nice to be able to regrow flesh, unless, there is a Norse in the sky of course."

Alrik laughed for hours, continually chopping off the heads of the beast until, finally, the beast had too many heads for its legs to support. It slumped to the ground, defeated, but still alive. Still in pain. Alrik lowered himself onto the beast, cutting his name into the beast, one letter per head, and relished in its pitiful cries as he cried over what he has gotten himself into. What Odin got him into.

Princess Celestia

Grand Princess Celestia sat in her throne as royal nobles bickered about whose blood was more royal. Truthfully, Celestia was asleep with her eyes open as they argued.

"I say your a charlatan, for everyone knows I can beat you in a duel!" Prince Blueblood II said.

"Oh yeah?" asked Princess Purpleheart, "Why don't we go outside to settle the score," she threw back her bangs wit her hoof, " or are you scared?"

"I am not like my father," he said, "I am not afraid of a duel!"

"Then lets go!" she said, opening the door, "Can't wait to show the purer blood within me!"

She ran out the door, with Blueblood, the spitting image of his father, minus the red eyes, going after her. Celestia awakened and watched as the two ran away and followed one another in a playful fashion. She smiled, magically closed her doors and dimmed the lights, and went to her improvised bed.

"I really hope those two don't injure themselves before their wedding," she said, dozing off into Lunaland...