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It's Remembrance Day in Ponyville, the anniversary of Equestria's war against the griffins - a solemn day to remember the sacrifices of the past. Or, if you're a griffin, the most embarrassing day possible to turn up. With jerks crawling out of the woodwork, can Rainbow Dash turn things around? And what's Fluttershy not telling everyone about her gran...?

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Wow, this was a great story (and very funny too)! I could definitely picture it being a real episode. Love the idea of Firefly being Rainbow Dash's grandmother!

The letter was appropriately awesome, but I think my favorite individual line was "We then had a forty minute debate on truth versus beauty in art." :pinkiehappy:

Very nice pony version of anzac day... Its a good story, and it has my thumb up.

492086 The debate ended in a no-score draw and may rage on again AT ANY MOMENT

... I feel ashamed for having to ask this, but is Fluttershy's gran's battle modeled after any specific one? I can't recall any with a similar name.

And yes. If MLP ever do a Remembrance Day episode, this is more or less exactly how I feel they will do it.

492442 I pinched the idea for the name from "Happy Valley", the Bomber Command nickname for Ruhr Valley, but no specific battle in mind.

As a cfn in the army. I just wanted to say good story :heart:and one that could be turned in to a real episode with no problem. Plus it would be a great way to get kids to ask about the real remembrance day.:twilightsmile:

This is probably a stupid question from an American, but is Remembrance Day like Veteran's Day, where you honor those who fought in the wars? :unsuresweetie:

I think it would be fucking hilarious to see the Ponies beating Griffins around with rubber chickens and
fishes wrapped up in newspaper. Most embarrassing day indeed.

493028 remembrance (ANZAC Day in oz) is the Commonwealth equivalent, yeah

Interesting choice of guest character. It would've been easy to have somebody show up who's all "griffin pride" and attitude, resulting in ruffled feathers and fur on all sides -- instead we get Gina the Traveling Salesgriffin, doing a perfectly unglamorous everyday job for an apparently Equestrian company of all things and thereby subtly reminding us that times have in fact changed since the war and that griffins and ponies are perhaps Not So Different after all.

Yep, this one's getting a thumbs up.

Woah that was pretty interesting and quite meaningful in a way. I have my own remembrance/ or Remembrance Day themed story myself though I approach the subject differently and in a darker fashion. i liked the ww2 references and the lessons learned as well as the humor. Keep it up

...this story is AWESOME! Seriously, how can such a short story have so much concentrated awesome in it? It's just incredibly funny, and the jokes flow more smoothly than The Body in Confection. (Not that I didn't like the ridiculous Doug Adams-esque similes, but the writing her is definitely more assured.) And yet without getting into the pain and sacrifice of war you get to make this oddly meaningful, such as Fluttershy learning some pride in what her family did and actually saying something meaningful about prejudice. (Which makes me wonder how much of a problem this would be for Germans in post-war Allied countries like the UK, Canada, and the US? I remember watching a BBC documentary called Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany which said that the reason Germany's experimental rock scene of the 1970s got tagged with the bloody awful name is that Britons were still obsessed with World War II. Poor ole Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream related how his band was invited to play a cathedral in Conventry only to find that the posters said, "First the Germans brought bombs to Conventry. Now they bring synthesizers!" After that you can see Froese face palming and shaking his head.)

Also, I loved GIna as a character. I felt totally sympathetic to her for having to go around and do a fairly boring, and frustrating job (note: I've worked in market research) only to put up with bigotry. And she's totally not bitter about the fact that Dash's Gran dented her Gran's beak. And I don't think I've liked Dash more than in this fic. She's frequently selfish, bull-headed, and inconsiderate, but she's very accepting of people who are different. (I mean she's friends with Fluttershy.)

Oh god, I think I'm starting to friendship Gina and Dash, HARD.

Also from the fic, (spoilers involved):

"...but she did get the Distinguished Flying Cross.”

Which was handed to her by then Equestrian PM for the Conservative Party, Winston Clydesdale. Firefly had a grand old time drinking with him.

And then next day she told her family they were all going to vote Labour in the next general election.

(Man if I hadn't spent a year building up my own head canon for Dash's family this would totally be my head canon. I liked the touch about Dash's gran going on vacation to the Griffin Kingdom all the time because it had the best pubs.)

((I bet that Dash likes going to Griffin raves.))

1750537 "Seriously, how can such a short story have so much concentrated awesome in it?"

I used the Condense Files function.

Oh damn, now I want to write Dash going to a griffin rave. And while normal raves don't have mosh pits, they damn well do when DASH is in town! A FLYING MOSH PIT. (A MOSH CLOUD)




Ooooo, this one is pretty excellent too. I'm glad I saw the story you posted last night and that I decided to look at more of yours.

Gotta say I loved Twilight's abbreviated aside to her argument with Rarity, especially the "40 minute debate" comment, and Dash was fantastic in this.

“They don’t mean that,” said Gilda in a dull monotone.

One note though, I noticed an accidental Gilda.

3577776 Oops! Good catch, I've edited that line

1751381 Why have you not yet written this amazing piece of fiction? XD

Also this is truly an incredibly well concentrated awesome fic. Tons of love must be given to it ASAP!

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