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tfw you haven't been part of the community for three years and got two whole seasons to catch up on.


Q&A : Scoots is back, but why? · 1:55am Mar 1st, 2016

Why did you leave?
To be honest, my situation was causing me to become a little too self conscious since I was getting acquainted with some of the nastier parts of the fandom from other sites, and I decided that being associated with the brony community was NOT something that I wanted. I know there are a few individuals who communicated with me on Skype before I left, and if anyone of them are reading this now, I just want them to know that my departure had nothing to do them or anything they said or did.

Why did you comeback?

Honestly, I missed it. I missed the show and the wonderful world it created, but more importantly than that, I missed being apart of a community filled with such good people.

Also I was tired of having flash-backs anytime I saw something pony related.

Are you going to be staying?

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So. When are you going to release a story, sir? :duck:

The Mad God is always watching his subjects :pinkiecrazy:

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