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SALT Monthly Contest Archive

Welcome to the small outlet of SALT on Fimfiction. Specifically, the contest portion of SALT.

It essentially goes a bit like this: each month, SALT creates a contest based off an image and a prompt. The stories that are created as part of the competition get posted on Fimfiction, and this group acts as an archive for them. Nothing more, nothing less.

It does a few other things, too, namely acting as a base of operations for the contest each month, running a few in-between-competitions bits and... meh, acting as a forum for writers to chat to one another. So come in and chat.

Functions performed by this group are listed down below.

Current contest is being hosted here.

In between contests thing is held here. This is mainly about reviewing a plan for a story rather than the story itself. Works quite well, surprisingly.

If you're looking for help with synopsis, go bother Aquillo in this thread.

Go stalk the members over here.

What exactly is SALT?

SALT's a reviewing group from the distant times before Fimfiction reviewing groups. Its main reviewing ethos is around giving an independent judgement on the likelihood of an Eqd acceptance. It does other things, of course: this contest being one such thing. Pre-reading, reviewing and proofreading are also offered on an inconsistent basis. If you want to send your story in for submission, submit it in here.

What exactly is the competition?

It alters each month, but the general part remains the same.

You write a story based off an image and a prompt. That story will then be edited by other members of the competition before being posted on Fimfiction.

Short, simple and usually unapplicable. Like I said, it changes each time based on the whims of the person making it. Template's only a template and all that. Bah.

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