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Group Admin

Hello, and this is me calling an end to this.

Most of the reasoning for why is given on the main SALT page. Link is here.

Thank you, however, for being part of this crazy competition. Some of the most entertaining moments I've had on this site have been within this group. Most of those are in the distant past, however; the Archive has not been truly active for a long time, now.

If you ever need a critical opinion of your own writing, my door is always open.

Well. As long as I'm not dead. Or if you're dead...

Look, I can help provided neither of us is dead.

Yes. That will do.

That's a real shame, Aquillo. Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted. If I hadn't met you guys, I might not have started improving as a writer.

Group Admin

I too, have enjoyed this. If there is a desire in the future, I would not be adverse to resuming.

Group Contributor

Gentlemen, it's been an honor writing with you tonight.

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