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Same old Bombedrumbum the commenter/pianist

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169623 I came here as soon as I saw the notifications and your pm.

Basically, SALT technically has a sister site, or group, rather. Let me sum it all up for you: A bunch of commenters from Equestria Daily kept commenting on old posts, eventually filling them up with the 5000 comment cap and moving on to the next post. These people eventually grew in number, and the group called themselves "B.R.O.H.O.O.F.". After an influx of people came, along with a lot of things changing and happening, Ravens here (one of the members at the time), came up with the idea of SALT. And thus SALT was born. The site was launched, and it broke away from the original EqD threads.

"invited to the group" well, "the group" is really just nomadic commenters on year-old posts, but here's the newest one: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/comic-deus-ex-pinkie-ask-nightmare-moon.html

Feel free to drop by if you wish. You can directly contact anybody in there through those pages, including Millennial Dan, as I see that you need him apparently. I'll wrap up this comment and head over to Ravens' post about SALT now. I'll continue there.


>Also, regarding Aquillo, consider him invited to the group.

What group?! I'm all excited now...:raritystarry:

135681 I'm currently in the process of moving. My cable is going to be cut on Monday, and I won't have access to a computer soon. I've been very busy with packing, cleaning, painting, and all of that stuff.

I saw your fic feature on EqD, then came here, where i checked my notifications and saw your comment. Like I stated in my comment there, I'm terribly sorry for not having been able to help. Heck, I don't even have time to practice piano or even hope to work on music.

Please keep me in the loop regardless, as I can always watch and read. I sincerely want to help, and I'm being honest when I say that I will as soon as I am able to. I don't want to give the impression that I do one ounce of shoddy work and leave, as it will inevitably be observed.

I recall that you yourself were having trouble moving at one point. That being said, I hope that you will understand.

Also, regarding Aquillo, consider him invited to the group. I don't exactly know how to contact him, so if you could tell him, that would be great.

I've....been busy- that's what I've been up to.

What are you up to lad?

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