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Thanks for adding Worried and Awaiting to your favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hey, Pax! Thank you for taking the time to sit with the Cakes in their big, empty house. I know that they appreciate the Fave of Empty Nest, and so do I.:pinkiesmile:

Me again, Pax. Thanks for the Fave of As a Mother. I hope it gave you a chance to look at Tia's relationship to her little ponies in a different light.

It has been a while, hasn't it? Honestly, I'm a sucker for late 19th century settings, so this felt perfect. Continue with the making of the words into sentences, and I'll keep popping up man! :moustache:

Hello, Pax! It's been a while, huh? Anywho, I'm glad that you enjoyed The Railway Ponies: Highball. I'm glad that you still support my work.

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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