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I'm a Christian brony born in 10/19/1996, profile pic done by sweetstrokesstudios.. I may write M rated stories I take commissions $10 for first chapter and $5 for additional chapters


Story update. · 12:30am November 15th

I am currently in the works of rewriting/amending this fanfic that was commissioned in an attempt to make it the way the commissioner envisions it. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/533512/how-bow-met-windy

I will be amending the previous chapters while still working on it.

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Mane six drinks. · 3:11am August 3rd

We all know the mane six drink cider, but what other drinks would the mane six or any pony drink?

I can see.

Twilight drinking wine or champagne

Rarity drinking wine

Pinkie Pie anything

Fluttershy fruity cocktails

Rainbow Dash drinking beer

Applejack whiskeys and bourbons

Tree hugger drinking liquid marijuana and being disappointed lol

What about y'all?

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Unpopular opinion because why not? · 6:01am February 3rd

So a lot of people have been posting unpopular opinions, well here's mine.

Dragonball Evolution is not that bad, sure it practically defecates on the source material but it's not that bad compared the Netflix death note, I actually enjoyed it even though I didn't see the original DB before I watched it.

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Velma · 3:11am January 18th

So...............I watched the new Velma show to see if it was as bad as everyone says. Was it? Wellllllllllllll.

I honestly didn't hate it as much as I thought I would, yeah the character is a complete 180 from their past selves, but it was somehow enjoyable.

Some things feel forced but it doesn't seem to be using any points either.

The character of Fred as a spoiled rich kid I do believe can work, but only if he isn't in arrested development.

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Passing the torch. · 3:57am Jul 5th, 2022

Hey guys, y'all know Indigo Storyheart tried to continue Discordula. Well she passed it on to me when she left temporarily and now I have a lot on my plate and don't know how to continue it.

She got permission to continue it from the original author and I got premisission from her to continue it. But now with her permission, I want to pass it down it hopes it can get finished.

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Discord PSA · 1:05pm Jun 29th, 2022

For all of those using Discord, be wary. There is a hack going around that if you join the server and scan the qr code it send a message to your friends and blocks them.

The hack sends a message to your friend claiming to be you and states that your friend had sent inappropriate pictures to a minor and blocks them.

I idiotically clicked the link and scanned the code. I hopefully got it fixed on Discord I changed my password and set up 2 fat or authentication.

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Please help · 9:18pm Apr 9th, 2022

I'm looking for the artist who made this

Please share and help me find them, I have a friend who wants to look into requesting or commissioning art from them

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New Chapter · 12:29am Mar 29th, 2022


New Chapter · 5:43pm Mar 25th, 2022


Taking commissions · 1:53pm Oct 25th, 2021

I am accepting commissions. I'll be charging $10.00 for the first chapter and additional chapters, $5.00 each.

If you'd like to pm me with the details, please pm me. If we strike a deal I'll give you my PayPal then.

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