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A writer who has ideas, but is not so experienced in writing stories. So basically just a good looking apple without taste.


So, uh. About Dragonball. · 6:13pm Jul 14th, 2015

I could not keep my dirty fingers away from my keyboard and I decided to start a new story... a DRAGONBALL STORY! :rainbowdetermined2:



Yeah. A bit overdramatic... :twilightblush:

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1925855 It's because she turned into a princess after the end of Season 3.

1925789 Eyuup :eeyup:

She was originally planned to remain as an unicorn, but I figured it wouldn't make sense.

1925571 By the way, in the story, Twilight is an alicorn?

1925569 You get lucky if I get done with all the chapters before then so I can post them at the same time, if that makes sense :derpytongue2:

1925432 How do I become lucky?

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