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Billions of years ago, an underground bunker was created to protect Humanity from their destruction, but only one made it in before Oblivion claimed him. Now the AI that he awoke remains, one that has faithfully kept the promise he made to his father, waiting for someone, or something, to find him.

Note: This story's from the point of view of the AI (3rd person limited). As such, if he doesn't think that a detail is important it's probably not going to be mentioned. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

As usual, comments go into the comment section (that's what it's for).
If you find any grammar/spelling errors, feel free to let me know via the comment section.
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I own nothing except the robots!

Holy shit this story's in the Popular stories part of the homepage. I know this may not be big for others but it's huge for me!

Apparently this story was Featured sometime in the past as it's currently in the bottom three slots (those reserved for past Featured stories that have recently been updated). If anyone knows when this story was first Featured, or know how I can find out, please tell me.

5/28/16 ~10:00PM
Holy shit. 100 likes. I... I honestly never thought that I would get this far... I can't all of you enough.

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Wow, that last bit of music...

It gets me every time. I'm sentimental like that.

I love this story so far, you didn't blatantly say what the protagonist was, only hinting at who he/She is, and keeping the readers guessing. So far we only know that the protagonist is robotic or an A.I, 'forerunners' were mentioned so this is a possible halo fiction. It also mentions the fallout vault door, and fallout being a video game, so this could be post humans claiming the mantle of responsibility.
Just some theories

7053771 But hey! That's just a theory. A fanfic theory!

>> StarChaser01
I'll admit, I did not think of that when I left the comment. Really though, I like the story

i loved the benny hill scene... so are we going to see this from Lyra and Daring Doos point of view?

7055227 That... wasn't intended to by Lyra, just some random unicorn...

Fortunately I can change that at this point (It's Lyra now!), unfortunately I don't have any plans for showing that scene from their perspective. Or anyone else's for that matter. The individual scenes will get better as he is able to translate more and more of their language, and (redacted for minor spoilers).

Slightly insane from isolation, slightly dysfunctional due to Red tape and Bureaucracy.


awww....even he had to deal with red tape. It must be a universal, trans dimensional law.

quit frankly considering magic is so lethal to him or his extensions his response was quit subdued.

7099654 I did consider having him go all Terminator on them but decided against it.


B.I.T.E. ?

Probably not, too awkward (and the proper pun would be BYTE)

7103724 Yeah, I tried to fit B.Y.T.E. in but I couldn't think of anything that made sense. Suggestions?

Y is a difficult letter to fit into an acronym. I can't think of any good words to use.

You could shorten it to B.I.T. (biological intelligence technology)

I was thinking of something with Spark, but fell into the same problem with K (and I feel that substituting a C with a K in words like Calculations is stretching it after I've already said that Bite is a poor substitute for Byte)

Now tracking. No feedback from me, don't want to contaminate your imagination with my opinions.

I wonder how long till he can communicate fully with them? I would love to see the ponies point of view on the whole thing and how they are handling it off camera.


I would try to come up with a better acronym, but not knowing much about our protagonist here yet, I can't come up with a good descriptor since I don't know their scope of responsibilities and construction.

Not sure why, but i think this fic may be missing the "Human" tag :rainbowwild:

Clearly you need to play even more factorio, your writing has improved awesomely!!!


If the pegasus is supposed to be Daring Do, just letting you know that she doesn't wear an "Indiana Jones" hat, she wears a pith helmet. Unless the AI for some reason doesn't know what a pith helmet is, you can just call it a safari hat. Either way, it looks nothing remotely like Indiana Jones' headwear.

Holey cheese, this story is awesome!! Keep up the good work!

please give us some chapeters from the ponies PoV i soooo want to see... well read their side of things

7206985 there are no humans in this story, they are all dead

7206833 Why do I see your comments on half the stories I read?

I can't stop laughing at that last part of the story at multiple points in this story i had to stop reading to catch my breath from laughing so much! great job i hope to see more in the future

I like this so far.

One thing I'll mention even though it's not all that important: Pneumatic implies an air or gas operated system. If it had fluid in it, the word would be hydraulic. Do with that bit of trivia as you like... :unsuresweetie: <I'm not a dictionary!)

First mass reply!

7206985 They all died ~3.7 billion years ago.

7207004 She decided to wear a different hat due to the temps in the Badlands.

7207057 Glad to see that I apparently made your day!

7207077 Oh SHI- *runs off to correct that*

Well... I... 49 likes, 0 dislikes... and >20 people adding this story to their favorites in the span of, what, an hour or two?

I'm speechless. Thank you, so much. That 50 people with accounts think so highly of my story is incredible to me. But that is a double edged sword. I'm actually more worried about the next chapter than I am for the CS final I've got in an hour and 20 minutes.

Well, I say this is quite an interessting idea. Let us see where this leads us, yes?

Interesting. The hopeful tone is a lot better to my palette than the usual, bleak, 'humanity died so everything is sad and awful' themes I see in just about every story featuring Equestria as a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Why do only half the stories you read merit his commentary?

7210562 What do you mean, is he famous or something?

7210562 Yeah, screw that depressive stuff! We've got living robots and magical ponies!

Nah, I was just countering your question with a question in return.


This is very good, and while I may be a noob at commenting I still wanted to say that I can't wait for the next chapter and thank you for making this!

Okay, as far as Fimfiction is concerned you really need to put an extra space between paragraphs or else everything feels jumbled.

7214510 Thanks, I'll get to work on that.

Edit: And... done! Anything I missed?

Well, this certainly looks interesting. :pinkiesmile:

I do have to point out that BIT has some serious problems if he can't find a vein of Silica while mining. Since, you know, 90% or so of the Earth's crus is made out of silicate minerals. so, yeeeaahhh.. Not likely to run out of that. :rainbowwild:

On the other hand, it might be funny if he finds himself short on gold (which is used in small amounts for electrical connections and whatnot) and discovers that Equestrian currently is gold coins. "In compensation for the damage you caused my robots, I require one hundred bits.. in one bit coins, please." :scootangel:

7217938 Oh... um... I knew that... (No I didn't...)

I... can't think of how to fix it without removing the ending joke... I can still have him go nuts over the sand but I can't think of a way to keep the vacuum joke.

In a desert, best source of carbon is atmospheric, but takes power to carbonyl it to react with metals for extraction, and you need a lot of salt for the chlorine to combine with quartz sand in the intermediate steps to make silicone elastomers which behave far better at desert temperatures etc.

Construction bot must be a demolition version to have armor that tough, given Dash has punched through several foot of tree trunks.

If repairs aint fixing things good enough, time for a complete brand new build. But that will need more power, so hope the PV panels get going soon.

7255700 I'm... not quite sure what you're talking about there... If you're talking about Silicon and BIT's search for it, that was supposed to be corrected out...

And yes, Construction bots were designed for many uses, including demolition of terrain to clear space for construction.

so far... Fallout, Portal, and WALL-E... dang, this brings back much joy!

I always find the idea that pegasi having hollow bones is silly.
I would think that mother nature decided that durability is better for the pegasi because they fly using magic anyway.

So Rainbow Dash shows up, has a discussion with Daring Do where she probably warns them against attacking the bots, and then Rainbow's first thought is to... attack a large bot shaped like a beetle, thinking it would squash like an insect?

I'm just trying to follow the logic here, and like the protagonist I can't help but consider how stupid it was.

Wow, this definitely has been worth the wait. I can just imagine all the possible ways the story can go from here, and I eagerly await the next chapter.


I agree with you, those three things were my childhood favourites!

7256261 She TRIED to warn her about them. Key word being 'TRIED'.

7256245 Similar, not exactly, like bird bones. They are certainly stronger than bird bones, just not quite as strong as the other race's bones.

Booster Spice is explaining where BIT could get some carbon for making rubber, hydrocarbons, or any other organic (that is, carbon based) materials. It's a bit energy intensive, but you can concentrate carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, then crosslink the carbon to make hydrocarbons. (I'm grossly simplifying the process, mind you.) The point is, if you have enough power, you can make gasoline out of thin air. And just about any other petrochemical.

Booster was also pointing out that silica from he sand can be used to make a variety of silica based materials and rubbers. Like silicone sealent and whatnot, which could be used to make tires and tracks and whatnot. Despite my background, I'm not particularly familiar with silica based chemistry, aside from an undergrad project using poly dimethyl siloxane. But regardless, there's plenty of stuff you can make with Silica. So long as you have the energy and equipment, of course.

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