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This group is dedicated to promote creativity in a controversially challenging subject: Mary Sues. The dreaded alicorn OCs and god characters. Most of them are down right idiotic and used for jokes and trolls. Let's challenge that idea, this is a place where creative minds can dump their over powered characters in Equestria so long as their characters fallow these rules.

Rule 1. Do NOT under any circumstances make your OP character related to powerful characters with in the series your character exists in.

Rule 2. Make the backstory other then your typical "my parents died so I'll be just as edgy and cool as Shadow the Hedgehog" or being the "Last of my species" thing. I did that last one but the viewers of my story don't know that...yet. If you do make your OP character the last of their species you better damn well make them interesting in more ways then one. Never use the phrase "tragic past" in your description of your story. The phrase is played out and usually associated with bad mary sues, and thus make it less likely for people to read your story.

Rule 3. Make the story behind said character something completely original and try to be creative.

Rule 4. In the event your character being in a position of political power, do NOT make them have a huge ego. If you insist on doing so then it can be difficult to work around this, but it IS possible. Just look at Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Rule 5. You must accept the fact that your OP character must be killable, do not make it so only a single well hidden artifact can kill him/her/it.

Rule 6. Omnipotence/Omnipresence is a stupid power and is something that no being in all of existence should ever have, nor is it possible.

Rule 7. Write down any lore relating to your OP character to maintain consistency in the story he/she/it may be in.

Rule 8. Make it known WHY this character is powerful. Is he/she/it a god? Is that god only a member of an entire species of gods? How did your character acquire so much knowledge, magic, super power(s), political status, and or social status?

Rule 9. Make your character HAVE FAULTS! A perfect entity is impossible on every conceivable level of understanding. One obscure weakness like Superman's Kryptonite is a lazy excuse and should not be used as an "original" (and I'm using it very loosely here) way to weaken or defeat your character.

Rule 10. The appearance of your OP character matters little but from what I've heard rainbows seem to be over used. If you do have rainbows in your character's appearance then be a BIT more creative then that, don't let it be a normal striped rainbow like Dash's mane and tail. Red and black mary sues are a BIG no no but if you DO have a red and black then you'll need to make up for it with unique character design and unorthodox backstory. If you ignore this then everyone will not take you seriously and simply scoff it off as a joke.

Rule 11. If you're gonna make a serious over powered character they better damn well be epic in not only combat, but also personality. Would you want your girlfriend to only love you for your looks? No, and if you do then you're shallow.

It should go with out saying that anyone posting negative comments on this group will be deleted. Additionally your over powered character must be the main character or a very important one. If you wish to add you're story then message ME about your over powered character to tell me about the specifics to see if you have what it takes to make mary sues awesome. Because who wouldn't like to punch Mercury into the Sun? What's it ever done for us?

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