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Guess who's back, bitches??? · 11:48pm Apr 20th, 2017

Yes it is i, the original weeping angel

It's been a solid 4 years since I've been on this account, so thanks to my friends for taking care of it while i was gone. I guess i just decided to come back on and see what was going on on this site which was such a huge part of my childhood back in 5th-6th grade.

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I messed up · 11:16pm Nov 25th, 2014

Hey guys, I messed up.

I was supposed to make a birthday blog on the 20th but I forgot to, so I'm doing it now.

It was Angel's birthday on the 20th of November!

Happy Belated birthday!


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News and Information · 9:28pm Nov 9th, 2014

Hello guys,

I am not Weeping Angel sadly, I am the user Sky Dance

This account has had a heck of a ride since Weeping Angel left, with it being banned and all, but I'm hoping that this is the last time a blog about this will be made.

Now, since this is Weeping Angel's account, I am going to try and include her as much as possible.

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Email · 1:28pm Jul 2nd, 2014


It's Pizza (do you have no idea who I am? Read this) and I'm just here today to say that if any of you want to contact Angel, you can ask in the comments below and I will ask her if she will allow me to give it to you. Thank you!


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Please Read · 8:52pm Jun 24th, 2014

Dear friends and followers of Weeping Angel,

I hate to inform you that Angel has been banned by her parents. This is because of her not telling her parents about FimFiction and also due to religious reasons. Please don't cause an uproar about this-- what's done is done, and you can still contact her through her deviantArt, which is linked down at the bottom of the blog.

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Sorry · 11:24pm May 24th, 2014

Sorry about the last blog post. To be honest, I really didn't want anyone commenting on it. My parents are gone and I'm doing this on my ipad so forgive me for the shitty grammar and spelling.

Anyway, yes, my mom took away my computer for the time being, but Ill most likely get it back for school homework on Tuesday or even Monday if possible. Ill answer major questions you guys might have then about my situation.

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[no title] · 8:11pm May 23rd, 2014

Hey guys so I'm writing this on my phone right now so it might not be the best so sorry about that, but I have some bad news.

Just like twenty minutes ago, my mom discovered me on the computer. Yup, I done messed up. I couldn't hear her walking upstairs, which was normally my time to hide it.

That being said, she chewed me out for lying and she started saying things and "explaining" stuff to me.

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Because Spike... · 9:21pm May 22nd, 2014

Yes, I know, another story idea...
But it's a change from all the sad and dark stuff I've been writing.

I have figured out that I will work on one sad story (In the Beginning) and one happy comedic story (this one) at a time, then move on to the next ones, with updates on older stories in between.

Also, I still need a grammar editor for WMMS... So if you could, then please PM me. That would be a big help. :twilightsmile:

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Content Update · 8:40pm May 20th, 2014

Alright, so the people, along with me, voted, and so this is the stuff I will work on next.

First, because I want to, I'm going to write at least the prologue to "In the Beginning", my Vinyl and Tavi one, just because I have like a page of it done from yesterday.

Next, I'll work on that danged Soldiers of the Night, at least roll out the prologue and the first chapter before submitting it.

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Today is the best day of my FimFic life. · 12:56am May 20th, 2014

So, along with being featured for the first time and generating a bunch of likes, I reached 200 followers today.

Um, wow.

Like, wut?


You guys... you guys... you guys...

I love you all, you know that?

A lot. :heart:

You're all freaking awesome.

Thank you all!!!

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