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When a magical infection turns the citizens of Ponyville into ravenous monsters, the survivors are left to fend for themselves and survive. Living in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, however, is about more than just surviving the tragedies of the undead.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yeah I know there's a lot of zombie pony stories, but I had this in my head and had to throw it out there! :)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 12 )

Now this really looks promising so far, can't wait to read more! :twilightsmile:

One thing, tho... maybe I just missed it, but what about the pegasi? Can they still fly - and if not, why doesn't Rainbow lead the 'Zomponies' away, just staying in the air?


I intend to get to that. :twilightsmile: But one thing at a time - if I explained it all away at the begining you'd have no reason to keep reading! :pinkiehappy:

i just don't get zombiepony stuff. if you tear away their spaient mind, you just get a moldy horse that would only eat grass.............. there is nothing in equine nature that could lead to them eating another pony.
even then they would struggle to et anyone to begin with. no teeth useful in the tearing dperartment.

And removing the sapient mind of a human would drive them to eating each other when surrounded by plenty of food? :pinkiehappy: You're overanalyzing the zompony genre while neglecting the zombie genre in entirity. And also, I'm not sure, but I do know that when a horse's food reserves are low, they DO resort to eating meat - not sure if this includes other horses, but I do believe I read that somewhere.

Besides, magical talking technicolor horses. Your argument is invalid by that truth alone. :twilightblush:

3986276 saying they do not even have a biological trigger to consume meat to begin with. humans, at least, do.

There is no 'biological trigger' to speak of - there is the presence of a digestive system that can use the food ingested and teeth that can break it down. Horses can, and will, eat meat - they usually don't is all because they cannot digest it properly. If I remember my readings right, a horse becomes somewhat aggressive when eating meat, but that is not something I'm 100% certain on.

Go ahead. Google 'can horses eat meat'. :pinkiecrazy:

I feel the need to once more point out your overanalyzing of a story written about zombie versions of cartoon talking magical ponies. :facehoof:

You Sir/Ma'am are an amazing author. My words cannot stress how much I love this story; the style, the feels, the way you wrote Rarity's guilt (especially the part with the letter and Sweetie), were all very amazing. Keep up your amazing work :rainbowkiss: :heart:

Wow this is really good. Great chapter, I really like the way you wrote the group, especially AJ, since she seems to be taking this more...what's the word I'm looking for? Who cares, I think you get the point. And why do I get the feeling that Dash is way less cocky in the present time than she is in the flash-back, because her cockiness ends up gettin' somepony killed? Perhaps Applejack? Or maybe Rusty? Probably not Stone though.
Keep up the great work :twilightsmile:

My god this is perfect! Dramatic! Sad! Hopeful! Its a masterpiece !
The biggest flaw is that it lacks views! Man! More should read this! You rule!
Your fan.

Btw, since this is based from the walking dead,does that means they are all infected (aka, You turn no matter if You were bitten or not) or they only turn when bitten?
XD oh boy, I cant WAIT for more!

:rainbowhuh: This isn't based off the Walking Dead. It's just a common trope of horror.

4179495 well, okay :)
Its still a great story afterall and I eagerly expect more from You!

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