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Caught in the excitement of the moment, Twilight has agreed to marry Flash Sentry.

She wishes she didn't.

If you're super into FlashLight, you might dislike this fic!

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She has chosen poorly

I GUESS I LAUGHED. :flutterrage:

Oh... Luna, how many times have I got to tell you- No messing around with the KEYBOARD!

I think there should be a sequel...To discover who Flash really is.


That's kind of the point I was trying to illustrate.
Every side character has a sort of basic personality -- something for you to ride off of and work with. Something that you associate them with. Flash has only one such thing -- his status as Twilight's squeeze in Equestria Girls.
There's really nothing more to him.

My opinion is basically that nobody likes Flash Sentry. They like FlashLight.

I find this appealing enough, but much more as a character study through dialog than as a story. I don't think this was going anywhere story-wise, but in the end, that wasn't ever the focus anyway, so I guess it can be excused. And save for the strangely scientific Applejack, I had no problem with the structure or word choice of yours.

This is a worst-case scenario of what Flash Sentry could be, given what we saw on his very limited appearances only, and well, the study of it did its job decently.

Keep up the good work.

I believe you're right on all counts.

Couldn't she have killed him? No one would miss him and I doubt any jury would convict her.

I loved it. Comedy attained for me.

I LOVED this! This illustrates everything wrong with Flash Sentry perfectly, especially with his character! I remember that there was, at first, a lot of dislike for Sunset Shimmer when the first EG movie came out. But I liked her because she had a backstory and some depth to her! And that depth was explored with the sequel and in the comics (won't go into too much detail because of spoilers). With Flash...he was there JUST to be the love interest.

Again, without spoiling anything for the second movie...I will say that what "depth" they gave him makes me dislike the idea of him being paired with Twilight even more. I think the best thing I can say about him is that some people (myself included :twilightsheepish: ) "might" ship him with one of the villains. But...that's it.

Sorry if I went off on a rant! :twilightsheepish: But I LOVED this story! Thank you for writing it!


You just contradicted yourself, because almost all of those base personalities of the background characters are ones that the fandom gave them, we took a character that sits differently and made her into a human obsessed nut, a character with an animation error on her eyes and made her into a muffin obsessed ditz, a DJ that had less than two seconds of screentime and made her a party animal that's dating that one mare from the gala episode, or that one gaming colt that had a two second cameo and made him Sweetie Belle's love intrest.

In other words: your Flash-hate is pointless, hypocritical, and just plain STUPID. And all you've done is simply take the easy way out by not doing what all Bronies has been doing for every background character that has come up since the show began: give him a personality that works.

I dunno, I laughed. I think you can count it as some success.

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