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It's fanfiction all the way down.



This story is a sequel to A Foreign Education

Twilight was sixteen when she became an alicorn. She hasn't aged a day since. Some ponies ask her what it's like, not being able to grow up.

Twilight can't really say. She's never known anything else.

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Congrats! You get a like.

Haha, YEET. Getting here early!

It's like 51 first dates, or whatever it's called.
Forgetting every day, endless loop..

When I first read "Mr. Ed," I literally blurted out "You son of a bitch!" That's how you know it's a good bad joke.

In any case, this looks like it's going to be all kinds of quietly horrifying. Looking forward to it!

Actually just read the chapters;
oh boy.
This is going to be about Twilight's suffering this time, isn't it?

I'm really excited for this story. I'm curious about your process in making these stories. Do you have an overall tale in your mind already, and are just writing individual stories, or is this more of self reflection put into words?

>insinuating that Twilight is jailbait

This is actually really disturbing. At least she's happy, I guess?

I... am infuriated by this for some reason. I want to punch Celestia very hard and yell at her for manipulating Twilight into becoming this. And I feel so, so sorry for Twilight...


HERE WE GO AGAIN KIDS. :rainbowdetermined2:

Serial killer wall vibes here...
Freaky, as usual, but Good! (As usual).

This is sort of beginning to seem like it leaning towards more horror, tragedy or both rather than slice of life but its early yet so maybe things will change.

Ok, this is worrying. Twilight seems to be actively forgetting things. Not just failing to truly learn lessons emotionally like I thought, but simple information things like what she needs to do and what she likes.

But then again, well, eternal life is eternal life. It's quite possibly worth the inconvenience/lobotomy.

After binging Around the World In 81 Days (and how did that one ever slip by me????) that last part was particularly soul gouging.

On one hand, emotionally looping sounds like a sort of mental hellscape, because all time-loop stories present eternal repetition as just that. But the world will change around Twilight, save roughly three or four other living, breathing constants. I wonder if that's a good or bad thing for someone who in many ways is developmentally stagnant; if she even truly is. Twilight may wake up every morning iffy about coffee because she's spending a lot of her time worrying about and spending headspace -and by the looks of it- physical space on coffee. She's iffy about coffee because she's always worried about whether or not she's iffy about coffee.

There is also something mentioned in your last installment that struck me, about how she continues to relearn friendship lessons. Part of that sounds sad, invokes pity, but another part. Well. Twilight loves learning, and now, there is no limit to that.

Oh, my poor Memento-Twilight.


And her back-left knee hurt sometimes. It wasn’t injured, it just got sore for some reason.

Too real too fast

Ho-le shit :rainbowderp:

That's... Damn, I can perfectly picture Light going to Celestia and demanding she explains what the fuck's going on with Twilight. Just for her to say she has a war to worry about... And let the problem continue for decades. Until some villain actually understands Twilight and starts changing her post-it notes without her knowledge.
Oh wait, it doesn't have to be a villain. Only some "well intentioned" assistant. Twilight is a bomb waiting to happen, a BIG one. She needs help, and needs it fast. Else someone will get into there... And it won't be pretty.

Falling out of touch with her first friends is also sad as fuck. I wonder how they feel about her eternal sixteen.

This is going to be awkward, and horrific, and embarrassing, and I'm going to love every minute of it.

Yikes. Yeah, all the yellow lights on the panic dashboard are blinking.

"Happy" definitely has a different meaning in Jaxie's dictionary.

This is the perfect amount of neurotic. Good take!

Now I wonder if she's having some very weird hue of OCD, or if immutability in time is a thing for your neural connections too

Oh my god, we're in this universe again. Right after I finished A Foreign Education too. It's okay Amneiger, deep breaths. You don't have to get back on GaPJaxie's Emotional Wild Ride. Just don't press the Favorites you pressed the Favorites button didn't you.

Oh, well, this is sooner than I expected! :)

Chapter 1:
"Have the royal designer ponies approved anything you’re wearing?"
Suggesting Rarity is no longer in the picture at this point in time...
(Also, was that supposed to be "everything"? Or is the question only interested in there being at least one thing?)

"the makeup ponies satisfaction"
"the makeup ponies' satisfaction"?

"your eye-shadow is"
"your eyeshadow is"?

"Items 3, 4, 5, and 6"
Hm. And all of that gets skipped if there are no cameras or live audience? Or does the list following Appendix 1: Optional Questions, Section 3 eventually lead to a direction to proceeded back to the initial list of Items?

"Light Step and Double Time were both attending"
Oh, so Light Step isn'd dead yet, at least.
(Double time I don't think is as useful for data here, given we know much less about how long a changeling in her situation might be expected to live relative to a pony.)
I suppose Rarity might still be around actually, and have provided things Twilight's wearing, but the royal designer ponies make sure it's all on properly just before she has the interview, or something...

"Double looked at the floor. She wasn’t the waving type."
Interesting, and a bit concerning...

"So no harm came of it."
I'm sure that was exactly what Twilight meant anyway, of course.

"And they go ‘so that’s basically a magical lobotomy, right?"
[cue laugh track]
...Though it occurs to me that the ponies who are around that age and feeling put-upon for it may have a different reaction (possibly one involving genuine laughter). I wonder just what Twilight's popularity is among the teenagers of Equestria?

"hung on it it threatened"
"hung on it that it threatened"?

But really, each individual sticky note is a small price to pay for life eternal, so it's fine, right?

Chapter 2:
"beyond what any of the combatants had imagined"
...I'm still kind of suspicious of Alicorn Princess/Empress Flurry "My cutie mark has a crown in it and I conceive of my destiny as being to rule" Heart there. Though she is also young, so maybe she still didn't grasp the full extent of it.
And you know, it also occurred to me that that interacts in a slightly worrying way with how we don't know when or if she'll stop growing.

...And that bit you posted (though I can't seem to find or recall where at the moment) about the Young Six... wasn't just a joke? It's actually in the chapter? :D
I am wondering about the tenses being used in it, though... Twilight dreaming about (part of) how things have gone terribly wrong?

Oh, or that's just in the (possible?) future.

"And in any case, that’s not what this story is about."

"They’d been cool yesterday, but somehow, when the sun rose, they were lame."
...Which may help answer my earlier question about how the youth of Equestria feel about the youthful Princess, depending on how quickly and widely the interview was distributed.

"She mentally decided to sell it as one of her abstract impressionist pieces."
"I call it, 'Advent of my Sister #427'."

"a teeanger thing"
"a teenanger thing"?

"but she the critics still"
"but the critics still"?

"laughed a bit her lip"
"laughed and bit her lip"?

Ah, so apparently Twilight didn't make that uncool overnight. Well, that's good.

"Actually, with everything that’s weird about me, it’s nice that they don’t make a big deal of it."
...Well. I do wonder how Twilight meets these ponies, though. Is there a growing custom of ponies with foals getting to the right age range moving to Ponyville and trying to send them 'round the castle?

So Light Step hasn't been to the castle in a while, I'm guessing... or at least not Twilight's quarters.

And I'm sure that Twilight has completely succeeded in convincing Light Step that she's just fine. Juuuuuuust fine...

I came into this expecting a story about Twilight struggling on the dating scene, and instead I got existential horror. Not bad.

In the description:

Twilight can't really say. She's never know anything else.


I'll be waiting for a bit more of a backlog to be posted, but I'm excited!

This whole universe is bordering on something unfortunate.

"Twilight can't really say. She's never know anything else."

know = known

Is Spike's absence something that will be addressed in this story or is this a detail from one of the previous stories in the series that I've forgotten? Because that's the thing that jumps out at me the most about this scenario with the endless stickynotes, that she only does this NOW, in absence of Spike.

I was rather hoping to find out what happened to Cheval after petrifaction.

But this looks almost as sad.

I've always said that Flurry Heart will destroy us all.

Friendship Adventures are an ALL AGES activity. :twilightangry2:

(So are board games, but I will admit that depends a great deal on the board game. Monopoly, for instance, is for no ages).

Actually scientific fact, the brain isn't finished developing at 16. It's not a lobotomy, but if she's physically stuck at the age she was alicornified, there are definitely going to be differences.

Um, if she constantly forgets things like that she likes coffee or that Spike no longer works for her, to the point she has to leave notes to remind herself, she's not assimilating new information. That's like writing an essay on a computer and forgetting to save. If anything it sounds more like she's got extremely early onset alzheimers.

Honestly that would explain a lot about your fic verse's alicorns and why things are going to crap with Amarylis. She's obviously learned fron Chrysalis' and her own mistakes, wheras the alicorns, possibly minus Flurry, can't, thus they can't adapt to Amaryllis's more subtle approach.

Best reaction. xD I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about A Foreign Education.

Comment posted by star1wars3 deleted Apr 22nd, 2019

Yeah complete agreement. Ineffectual as a leader she may be, but at least Cadance is mostly functional. Twilight...yeah, she's one misplaced post-it from a complete meltdown.

I love this.

I love your Twilight, I really do.

This is the Twilight that nine years worth of Bronies can relate to.

The part at the end, with Light Step?

B_Munro: Actually scientific fact, the brain isn't finished developing at 16.

My god. Celestia... what have you done? Either Twilight needs those notes because she's neurotic (unlikely) or... she needs those notes because with slightly underdeveloped brain her memory is actually faulty. Like the protagonist of the film "Memento", she might have anterograde amnesia (the inability to form new memories) and has short-term memory loss approximately every five minutes!

And her brain is 'locked' that way. Forever.

My god. Celestia... what have you done? You complete, absolute, utter idiot of a mare. What have you done? I know it's been talked about before - the whole anti-alicorn thing... - but I've always felt that Twilight Sparkle was never meant to be a Princess. She wasn't meant to be an Alicorn. Now, thanks to this fic, we know why.

And I find the fact that Twilight needs all these notes to be terrifying.

Wtf? I know it’s been a while since I read The Third Wheel but last I recall she DESPISED Twilight. She should be burning those sticky notes and replacing them with “you like to drink your coffee mixed with pig shit”-notes.

Then you failed to finish reading it, since by the end they'd mostly made up.


“Good. I’m glad.” Light drew in a tight breath. “Twilight, I’m sure… next Thanksgiving will also be horrible. I am kind of a bitch. I don’t think that’s going to go away overnight. I’m sure we’ll fight. A lot. But.. I…”

Skipping to the end of that story sure was hard but you were right. They totally made up at the end. It’s not like Light is carrying the baggage of being a psychopath to her family for years, would be a convicted criminal if her family didn’t bail her out and still has the hots for a self-admitted war criminal who got pardoned by the international community because they know they’re all fucked. She would NEVER do something like fuck with Twilight’s notes.

Bring on the down votes!

do remember that this story is set 18ish years later

The point of time this story takes place hasn’t been established yet.

I can see the web now. The elements need friends to work... but friends grow up and drift apart over time. There needs to be an anchor, a constant, to keep making and maintaining friendships so that the weapons work.

And so a sacrifice is found... or, rather, made.

9580909 From chapter 1 of The Third Wheel;

“Oh, you just come all the way home for Thanksgiving so you can appreciate the silence? Not one word for your mother about how you’re doing?” Twilight Velvet said. Then, she did the unthinkable: “You know, Light Step got into a scholarship program for her art.”

“Oh, did you?” Cadence asked, failing to notice Shining’s desperate signaling under the table.

“Yeah,” Light Step replied. She was a teenager of sixteen years, with a soft blue coat and a cutie mark depicting three stars and a pen.

A Foreign Education, chapter 1;

Light Step and Double Time were there as well, celebrating their sixteenth year as friends with benefits who refused to even acknowledge they were in a relationship much less consider getting married.

By the chapter titles, The Third Wheel takes place over the course of a year. Cheval was adopted in Courtesans, and she's 16 by the time that A Foreign Education takes place. Considering that Virgin Princess takes place not long after, by reference in Chapter 2, it's been at least about 17 years since the start off TTW, and plenty of time for Light to get over being a bitch of a teenager.


Light wasn’t old. Not yet. She was thirty-four, had no children, and hadn’t finished paying off the house. Her mane had exactly three grey hairs. Her art had made her famous in her own right, but she the critics still said she needed to “pick a style and settle down.” And her back-left knee hurt sometimes. It wasn’t injured, it just got sore for some reason.

Light was sixteen, now she's thirty-four. Can't get an easier way to determine how much time has passed, 18 years.

Virgin Princess doesn’t chronologically take place after Foreign Education.

Oh dear, that really needs fixing.

“Well, that sounds like a mild inconvenience if ever I heard one.” He flashed the camera a winning smile. “And how do you deal with it?”

Mild inconveniences like these are the worst inconveniences.

Major inconveniences go away after some time, but no, these inconveniences just have to stick with you to your grave.


But on the night Twilight returned home from her interview, none of that had happened yet. Yona was still at home in Yak Yakistan, listening to changeling diplomats spin tales of Flurry Heart’s coup against her mother.

It very much does.

Knew there was a more direct reference, just couldn't seem to find it. Thanks!

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