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A group for stories and discussion involving "Equestria Trainers' Society". Equestria Trainers' Society involves an alternate universe Anthro Equestria where high society elite ponies capture, train and tame other ponies to be their willing sex slaves.

This group has themes of bondage, sexual torture, slavery and rape. If you don't like these subjects please do not join.

The original story may be found within the "Main Story" folder. If you would like to make an Equestria Trainers' Society story and add it to the group please put it in the "Other Works" folder. Anyone making a story is also encouraged to contact Schorl Tourmaline, the story's author, but this is not a requirement.

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I'm pleased to announce that I might be making my own spinoff story, set several years in the future with an aged up Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. One of them is going to fail lady Tourmaline's initiation and the other will become the failure's master.

Nothing is finalized but I have an idea how i'd like to proceed. I think this will be my first non consent or SEMI consensual BDSM fan fic.

Also I noticed I might be the first in this group (other then the original writer) to have two or rather 3:twistnerd: canon char featured in a ETS fan fanfic.

I haven't had inspiration like this in a very long time so it's hopeful that I will begin to build this alternate future for the society. Hopefully I can get with the original author and get some ideas how to proceed with older version of his or her most prominent OCs.:twilightsmile:

Hello everypony, how are you all? Hugs and :heart:'s for all!! :scootangel:

I am so a part of this group now....

We should all welcome the newest member, Feet, to the group. Because the name amuses me.


It's almost been four bloody weeks, I figured somepony should answer you. :ajsmug:

357102 that is good to hear er know heheh :twilightsheepish: you're welcome :twilightsmile:


I'm doing quite well, thank you.

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? :twilightsmile:

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