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Are you on MLP Forums? Add me at ~Galloping Rainbowdash~ Also, JOIN THIS GROUP. Post your username in a comment! :D

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Hello, everyone!
(is this group still active here?)

Ooh! Tarnation in forums

Steffie, galloping in.

~Chaotic Eddie~ from the forums reporting in!

Hello everypony, this is Batbrony from MLP Forums! If any of you older members are interested, feel free to drop off links to your fics in the MLPF Authors Helping Authors group located on the forums themselves:

Might as well introduce myself here, username is pretty much the same on here as it is on Mlp Forums.:ajsmug:

Fhaolan here, Fhaolan there. Fhaolan everywhere. Hi guys. Just decided to seach for a MLP Forums group, as I kinda thought one would already exist. :)

Also, Arkman575

Hey, just a quick question, are the forums down for anyone else?

Hello? anyone there?

Hey its DarkLight from the MLP Forums. just saying hi and asking. Are we allowed to post our stories here, in this group? Do we need perission? If so Who do I ask?

I am Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™! :pinkiehappy:

Thunder Knight.

Glad to see that there are fellow members online! :twilightsmile:

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