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Sunset Shimmer has been worrying her friends of late. It had started off as her talking around the subject of home. Then outright avoiding it.

It isn't that her friends want to have a sleepover at her place, or have her host a Pinkie Party. They're just worried. Sunset does have somewhere to call home right? A roof over her head and a warm place to sleep?

EQG. Set after Friendship Games and before. Takes plot points from the comic special. Notes per chapter as needs must.

Just a story I wrote trying to escape writers block on other projects. It sort of ran away with me. Name comes from this track, but it didn't have much influence on the story. In need of cover art if anyone can point me to something good.

Now with cover art from Novel-Idea, designer of the fine image now applied.

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Well played, Cirrus, well played...:fluttercry:

10th liker!


It's difficult for a sensitive, intelligent person to deal with ridiculous childish slurs. It would be even harder for Sunset. You see, in her case, the slurs are justified. She does suffer from what sometimes reads like a paranoid narcissistic behavioural illness. She did have a sustained psychotic episode with borderline-cataclysmic results. It coming out that she is Celestia's daughter could only make things worse in some people's eyes (Trixie Lulamoon, I'm looking at you).

Oddly enough... This may just be me but I wonder if DHX have ever tried to confront Sunset's apparent behavioural illness in a 'straight' way? Maybe have it mentioned in passing that she has to see a counsellor or even a therapist and is on medication? It could sent a positive message that the heroine of the piece is struggling against such intractable internal demons.

6519179 No, the fic says she's adopted.

Huh, interesting seeing how different, but still having some similarities the stories of EQG Celestia and Luna are. Glad that sunset has these two in her corner.

Cool story so far.

Makes me wonder what's happening with the Dazzlings now that they can't sing to get what they want anymore.


I'm working on that too :twilightsmile:

Another story, but it is on the ol' harddrive

In a lot of ways, Sunset served her penance before she was even redeemed. She'd been living in a self-imposed hell and it shows a lot about her that she wasn't really willing to 'make a fuss' about it, mostly out of fear that her extraterrestrial origins would be exposed.

In the end, even at her worst, she never really thought herself worthy, did she?

6531156 Aye, and with her actions regarding water, lack of enough food and living with the basics, shes more surviving, then living.

:pinkiehappy:Great Story plz update this is awesome:pinkiehappy:; :fluttercry: poor sunset

Under no circumstances is Chrysalis a 'normal lady'. I'll say this much - friend of Celestia's or not, there will be a price in the long run. Probably nothing too bad and Celly occasionally tipping them the wink about things like the Sirens and Principal Cinch will help slightly pay off the debt but there will still be a favour to be done in return one day, whatever that turns out to be.

I have to stop reading for a mention. What is this 'Anon-o-miss' incident where Sunset got abandoned? And when did Celestia take Sunset in and became her mother?


The Anon-o-miss bit is from the EqG Special of the comic. Sorry that it is sort of required reading. Long story short: Like Gabby Gums, the Human!CMC made a social network profile that shared the HuMane 5's secrets (Not Sunset's) then pretty much the entire school started sending the Anon-o-miss profile student's secrets. Everyone blamed Sunset, her friends kicked her out of their group with some pretty harsh words and made Sunset cry. With a little comfort and help from Princess Twilight (through the book) she convinced her friends to give her a chance and then the CMC confessed. Though none of the real emotional consequences were dealt with

Hmm, not so short, sorry!

Second bit: We are getting to that dear reader :raritywink: This is the story of how Sunset found her home. It would not do to spill it all in one drop, chapter three is one step closer to the events bringing Sunset to Celestia's care.

This is getting interesting.

I agree Chrysalis being some sort of spy.

Spy like the ones that create their own identities and stuff.

6542110 Anon-o-miss was the MLP comic holiday special. There are plenty of aftermath stories here for that since not a lot of people liked just how it ended, myself included.

6545178 In other words, because I don't read the comics, I would understand what's happening?

6542131 Thank you for the explanation. I don't read the comics, so I would have been lost. So, this is one of those stories where we get the ending first, then get flashbacked to how it all began? I'm cool with that.

I will be following this.:pinkiehappy:


Pretty much. Really, the comic book story was what bugged me enough to write this. It was the seed, this is the plant.

I thought that telling the story this way was more interesting too.


I take it you liked chapter 1?

Plz update this is awesome

So far, so good. I will be reading the next chapter soon.

So far so good. I like the background info about "Homeless" Sunset.

Chrysalis as a spy somehow fits her so well. Is Cadence related to Celestia in the mirror universe?

Poor Sunset... The irony is that while she crossed the portal due ambition and power hunger, in the end she needed to cross the portal to find what she really wanted before she lost her way...

Thankfully, now she found.

Wow. Talk about having it rough. I'm surprised Rainbow 'Stone Cold' Dash only gave her a punch to the arm.

BTW, how do you pronounce Ms. Schreibtisch?

Is sunset telling the girls stuff they already know about her time in equestria? Or is this new info to them?

Damn cliffhanger! This story is getting better and better! I am enjoying how we are seeing how it all went down and can guess how Sunset is telling it.


Heck if I know, I mangle German when doing more than asking for beer (and saying thanks)! It translates to Writing Desk though (so take a guess as to who the school secretary is).

I do get the impression that this story's interpretation of Sunset includes a big dose of "I'm a bad person who deserves to suffer". However, I think in this case it was just overconfidence and a certain degree of pride. Sunset strikes me as the sort of woman who values her independence and likely wouldn't admit to herself that she was out of her depth before it was too late.


She has told them little bits, but the story between the lines is flashbacks not the actual tale Sunset is telling.

6555481 Ah, its hard to tell. Sunset mentions shes going to tell them the softer version of events. So shes giving them the sort of basic version but we see all the details?

6545289 I rally suggest you getting the christmas special, and if I remember correctly it is Anon-A-Miss, imagine Gabby Gumms but in the human world and those three making it seem that it was Sunset the one giving out the secrets... and yes, they were found out and they had a HUGE punishment for it, they were almost suspended from school it seems.

I have one recommendation, deal with Sunset's illness a little more. She should be a little worse off but that can be covered in the next chapter as Sunset come around. Nice chapter and good to see that She was rescued before she got into serious danger.

Is it me or did it sound like Sunset was a stray puppy?


And Sunset is rescued! :yay:

And I'm really looking forward to see she and Celestia discuss the adoption!

Destiny can play odd tricks sometimes. I strongly suspect that, in this fan-verse at least, Sunset Shimmer and Principal Celestia were always meant to fill this lack in each other's lives. In many ways, Sunset really is the daughter Celestia never had and Celestia the mother that Sunset so desperately needed.

I'm wondering if that was true back in Equestria too or whether a far older and wiser Princess Celestia has long since learned how to be a mother-like figure to her students and show them the necessary love without allowing her emotions to disrupt her necessary detachment as a teacher and queen.

Best wrestler ever! Well, Rock and Benoit count too.

Her second surprise was a bear hug from Rainbow. “Dummy.” The girl half whispered, still on the verge of tears.

“Dork.” Sunset bumped her forehead to Rainbow's.

Fluffy and cute moment.

*sniff* You evil writer, you... You hit me right in the feels! *sniff*

Wow. I was so waiting for this to be updated...and it didn't disappoint.:pinkiehappy:

I don't have a feelz gif since I haven't gound the perfect feelz gif.

GG dude.

Yay! I love reading this fic.

So, did this just become "How I Met My Mother"?

6572619 Problem with that is it can end up blinding her when she has that one student with different needs, or blind her from realizing her own feelings.

“The whole thing? You told Celestia all about being a magical talking horse?” Rainbow puzzled.

“Pony.” Sunset corrected. “I don't call you an ape, please don't call me a horse.” She levelled a glare at her friend. “And yes, of course I did. She had to hear everything from me.”

But it's exactly the same thing. :ajbemused:

“Et tu Rarity?” Sunset said from beneath her friends.

Umm... What was that? :rainbowderp:

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