• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Entreating Things

Author's Note:

The doorbell rings.

It's considerably more discordant than I expected, full of quivering reds and crimsons.

I suppose the real harmonies are found deep inside.

Patiently, I stand on the front stoop to the two-story apartment. At the chorus of songbirds, I look left and right. Row after row of rustic buildingfaces mark the streets with distinctive South Carolineigh architecture. A harbor looms blue and crisp in the distance. I can smell the salt from here.

I'm almost too distracted to hear the dull red hoofsteps of a body shuffling across the apartment's bottom floor. A burgundy voice mutters before the front door is even open.

"I swear... can't concentrate to save my life." She unlocks the entrance and opens it, staring through the screen. "Should have moved back north to Whinnysocket. Yes, hello?" Blinking, DJ Capricorn's eyes meet mine. "...well then. There's something new."

I smile. A nervous shudder ripples through me, almost breaking my resolve.

"I am... sorely tempted to ask why..." Capricorn's eyes narrow. "...but I'm far too overcome with the how. Did you... I mean... was it...?" She blinks again, and her ears fold back. "Simon Neighs. Goddess... can anypony afford to be aloof these days?"

I raise an eyebrow.

"Mmmm... my deepest apologies..." She rubs her forehead beneath her horn, teetering slightly. "Just... very little sleep." A gulp. "Or inspiration for that matter. Latest mix I'm working on is kicking my flank and I c-can't seem to find my center. You know how it is, Miss..." She freezes in place, as if finally waking up to the moment. At last, she peers down at me. "Just... what are you doing here, Miss Scratch?"

Calmly, I reach back into my luggage.

"I... I heard rumors. I mean, I always hear rumors. But... this latest slew has been quite worrisome. What in Equestria brings you here? I mean... are you alrigh—?"

I hold up the album before her. The mare's eyes reflect water-stained blues.

Capricorn's muzzle hangs agape. She exhales slowly, her burgundy turning to a near purple... and that's when I realize why I'm here. "You... found another?" She opens the screen door, then trots gently to my side. I float the disc into her grasp, and she carefully grasps it. "And... and in such pritine condition! I mean... to hell with the cover. This thing's barely been played! I... I don't understand." She looks up at me, eyes bright. "It's obviously not the one I gave you. How did you even find this?"

I've already levitated two pens out of my bag. I twirl the items before her. "It. Does. Not. Matter. How. I. Found. It." I breathe deeply and continue to gesture. "I. Need. The. Help. Of. An. Expert. Musician."

"A musician?"

I bite my lip. "And. A. Friend."

She leans her head to the side, studying me. At last, a gentle warmth rolls over her face. Then, with a burgundy breath. "...come inside."

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