• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Decided Things

Author's Note:

Twilight Sparkle gawks at me.

"... ... ...you wish to do what?"

I stare at her from across the throneroom. Calmly—with a twirl of two floating sticks—I repeat my request.

Her muzzle hangs agape. She tilts her head from one side to the other, dredging the air for the right words to say. At last, she glances over my shoulder.

Flash Sentry and another guard stare curiously at her from where they stand behind me.

She gulps, then waves a regal hoof. "Thank you, sirs. If... if you two wouldn't mind leaving us alone for a moment..." A deep breath. "I'll summon you when you're needed."

Both guards bow low and leave. Flash Sentry lingers for a few steps, glancing my way. With a shuffle of armored hooves, the two exit, closing the throneroom doors behind them.

Twilight immediately slumps back in her seat. She holds her forelimbs together, biting her bottom lip. After a tense minute of contemplation, she finally murmurs, "Vinyl... what we've been through lately... with your suspension..." She slowly shakes her head. "It's not a permanent resolution. You understand that, right? The council—my friends and I are still deliberating over what transpired with Opulence von Melody, and... and there's no reason to give up hope!" She grimaces. "I mean... do you even wish to know about our—?"

I swiftly twirl my instruments. "It. Is. Not. About. That."

"But I don't understand!" Twilight gritted her teeth. She leaned forward in her throne. "We can still make this work! It's... it's not the end of the world! Word has traveled across Equestria about the show you've performed at the Gala! You practically owned that night! Imagine... h-how future delegates will feel if they show up here at the Castle and you're not here! I mean, they'll be heartbroken! I'll..." She rests a hoof over her chest and gulps. "My friends and I—Vinyl—we benefit so greatly from your talent and—"

I sigh, frowning slightly. The instruments spin. "I. Only. Came. For. Your. Blessing." My brow furrows above my shades. "The. Decision. Is. Already. Made."

Her eyes instantly gloss over. The gray in her voice blends with a thickening blue. Once upon a time, this may have affected me. Sniffling, she leans back, rubs her muzzle, and finally murmurs, "This is about Tavi, isn't it?"

I am mute.

"Pinkie..." A gulp. "She t-told me about what happened. Well... as much as she knows anyway. Rarity bumped into Lyra this morning. Miss Heartstrings... seemed an emotional wreck. I was planning to go visit her and Bon Bon when you..." Another swallow. "Vinyl, this... is a very serious situation. And a most unfortunate one." She shakes her head, smiling delicately at me. "You don't have to go through it alone."

I hang my head.

"Friendship... is a challenge. An adventure. If making and maintaining friends wasn't so complicated, then there wouldn't be a castle right here... existing... representing it." She gestures with her hoof. "I'm not just a Princess who functions in diplomatic relations. I'm here in this kingdom for an express purpose... and that's to foster relationships and social interactions. Now please..." She dismounts from the throne and gently trots towards me. "If there is an issue... a problem that's... that's been gnawing at the two of you... let me know? I... I have experience, Vinyl. Both good and bad." A hopeful smile. "Maybe Octavia hasn't been willing to work it out. But you? I can't imagine a pony who needs someone to talk to more than you. We're here for you, Vinyl. Don't for a second believe that any of the crazy things that's happened since the Gala has changed the fact that we need each other as friends—"

"I. Know. What. I. Need. To. Do."

She merely stares at me, blinking.

I gesture once more. "Tavi. Left. Because. I. Did. Not. Do. It. Sooner."

Twilight exhales. "Vinyl..."

"May. I. Please. Have. Your. Blessing."

She grimaces... squirms... then finally deflates with a sigh. The mare hangs her head. "... ... ...with the power invested in me by the Equestrian Sovereignty, I, Princess Twilight Sparkle, hereby relinquish you, Vinyl Scratch, from your duties as royal minstrel of the Court of Friendship."

I nod. The sticks twirl. "Thank. You."

"Vinyl..." It's a whimper.

I turn around.

"Vinyl, please..." Twilight fights the urge to sob. "Don't... don't do this. Don't make yourself scarce. What Tavi did... it may be understandable... but that doesn't make it right. There's... th-there's no need for two talented mares to be lost. Please. Let us help you. You don't have to be alone right now."

I levitate the sticks one last time. "I. Was. Always. Alone." My ears fold back. "I. Just. Did. Not. Know. It."

She shudders. "Vinyl..."

I sheathe the instruments and trot out of the throne room.

Twilight slumps back against the table. "...what the two of you had was beautiful..."

I knock on the door. The guards open it for me.

"...and it still is."

The black sepulcher is sealed.

And I'm gone.

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